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Recent posts by Lorenz Baylon

Hi guys, does anybody know of struts 1 & 2 video tutorial, or a quickstart tutorial that's presented like the way HeadFirst series books do (With illustrations and notes, and easy to learn)?
PDF and Powerpoint presentations will do. I am looking for something that discusses how Struts component interact, and we could skip the introduction (MVC, advantages of struts over other frameworks) thingy.
Thank you in advance
12 years ago
hi guys, I've been reading a lot of posts saying that Enthuware is good. May I ask how is it better than other commercial mock exams? Thanks!
Hi guys and gals, I'd like to ask what is the difference between the current SCBCD exam (CX-310-091) and the previous version, aside from the current one uses EJB3? Thanks in advance!

Enthuware... Enthuware... Enthuware. It is really good!

how so sir?
Thank you Paul, that's exactly what I was looking for.

http://www.voucher4you.com/ (USD 185)

How did ordering voucher from them go? I have tried getting a voucher from Whizlabs and it went well. How about from voucher4you.com? Did anyone, by any chance, encounter any issues such as delays, invalid vouchers, etc when ordering from them? Thanks!
Thanks Minu. I have tried Javabeat with my SCWCD review. How does Enthuware license work? I am just comparing this to whizlabs' because you can only install and use whizlabs' license twice. Is it the same case with Enthuware?
Hi guys, I am going to start preparing for SCBCD 5 and I'd like to ask, based on your personal experience, what is the best commercial mock exam available in the market. I have seen a few in the SCBCD Link. Among those, which do you think is the best, and of course, why? Thanks in advance.
Thanks everyone! I'm planning to polish my XML and UML skills, but with regards to Java certification, I'm eying SCBCD May the passing results and stories here in javaranch inspire all of us who aspire for further growth in our lines of work
13 years ago
Hi guys, I have used the same book for 810-083 along with other reference materials (SCWCD Links, HFSJ, mock exams, etc) and it worked fine with me.
Got a decent, well-deserved, hard-earned, 79% passing mark today for SCWCD. Thanks to all of you guys who shared your doubts and questions here, as well as to those who shed light and gave kind answers to all of our queries. SCWCD Links helped a lot, so for those aspiring to get the certificate, be sure to visit that link. More power to javaranch!

13 years ago
I was about to take my SCWCD exam today but when I came to the testing center, I found out that it has already closed. When I checked on prometric website, it is still listed as an active testing center and still accepts exam schedules. I called Prometric's toll free number and although the lady I spoke with was very accommodating, there was no guarantee that my exam will not be forfeited. They still need to verify the issue. Has anyone experienced the same problem?
Hi Duffer, welcome to JavaRanch! I bought my voucher from whizlabs and everything is well with it. I have scheduled my exam on January next year. I just hope that whizlabs will lower the voucher price considering that the expiration date for the available vouchers they are selling are right just around the corner (March 2010 i believe). Good luck with you exam, may the force be with us!
Sorry to hear that Willy, better luck next time. I also have the book and I'll be taking the exam early January next year. May the force be with us