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Recent posts by gopal venu

Hi Guys,

I am new to this round of Interview called "Team Interview".

I am from USA and applied for the contract position i did well in written test,tech interview,hiring manager interview and they asked me to come to Client's place and
meet team members.

If team member like me then they will move forward.

Can anyone has experience with this "Team Interview" ?

I want to know :-
1. The Process ( how it "normally" conducted ? also every member of team will be part of this ??)
2. The core intent and expectation
3. The weight of this interview in overall selection process

Thanks in advance..
14 years ago
Hi I am working as J2EE Developer and working with JBoss app server since last 3 yrs.I am going to place in project which uses WebSphere and client want to interview me on J2EE and WebSphere skills for that I have 2 weeks time.

I want to know from you guys as a J2EE Developer which are Webspehre skills are required.

I am developing EJBs using MyEclispe and able to deploy my application to WebSphere with MyEclipse.Is it sufficient for a Developer ?

I think as Admin its expected to configure/fine tune WAS.Do I need to learn any thing else as a Developer ??
14 years ago
HI Arluk ,I am big fan of yours i am using your book for preparation.
regarding my query if If i learn above 4 with self taught projects ( I know struts as web framework) Can i say i know Spring and I can work upon ?
15 years ago
Hi Guys,
I am learning spring and find it too big . I want to know which of following are mostly used modules of spring and must to know to work with Spring .

Spring Core,
Spring Context,
Spring DAO,
Spring ORM,
Spring AOP,
Spring Web,
Spring MVC,

As per my analysis most of current applications using Spring as middletier means using it COre,Context,DAO,ORM mostly and AOP little bit for Transaction only and MVC and web are least used instead prefered integration with JSF,Struts.

Need to know from you guys whats your exp/observation say ??
15 years ago
I am going to work in Woodbridge NJ from Bangalore India.I want to know Avg. Cost of Living in Woodbridge NJ as per govt figure ( I know it can vary from person to person and depends on their life style).I am going to stay with my wife want to know cost of living( for a couple) from some autorized source.
15 years ago
2ND Not so clean approach : Map your summary logic as View in Database and map that view(aka table ) to a POJO class
There are two ways :
1.Normal and clean approach :
Map your tables with POJO Classes .IF The class you want to query has association (one-to-many) or (many-to-one) and on that association you want to search and find min/max then go for Criterian framwork to search with EAGER FETCH MOde.

IF its the class you want to query use HQL
If you do session.Close() no need for session.flush().
First check whether the session you got from openSession is null or not.
2nd remove the sessionl.flush from code and see
I think it problem with your mapping xml file.

I THINK list element requires <list-index column="yourcolumnName"/> for indexing.Just add this and see I hope it will be working.
Thanks everybody for replying.

Can any body tell me where to get Free evaluate licence copy of WebSphere and WebLogic?
15 years ago
As we all know J2EE is specfication and helps developer to keep away with vendor locking.
I mean if you know JSP/Servlet or EJB Spec Applicaiton server doesn't matter for a developer job.
But i got rejected in one interview just because I didnt work on WebSphere/WebLogic ...

Why recruiter wants to specific to WebSphere/WebLogic even I worked 3 yrs in Tomcat and has some exp in JBoss...

Note only this case I found may job ads specifying exp of one of the two.....

Now what to do for me we know Both are commercial produts so I cannot download and run to learn...
Alos as all App server follow specification what new things employer looking while specifying both app server ??

Please help me out ..I am in deep confusion.
15 years ago
Source: Examulator

Quiz : 2
Question 11:
Which of the following statements are true?
Choose at least one answer.
a. To be able to directly access a servlet the servlet-name must have a matching servlet-mapping Correct
b. The init-param tag may contain java code between its opening and closing brackets Incorrect
c. The welcome-file tag can mark a servlet as the default item that is returned from a url Correct
d. The welcome-file tag must point to a servlet called welcome Incorrect
e. The error-page tag must point to an html or JSP page, not a servlet Incorrect The error-page tag can point to any valid resource.

Answer Given: A,C
My Answer: E

Question: 21
Which of the following statements are true?
Choose at least one answer.
a. HttpServletResponseWrapper takes a constructor parameter of type HttpServletResponse Correct
b. Filters are called in the order they appear in the deployment descriptor Correct
c. Methods of the wrapper classes must not be overridden Incorrect
d. Filters are an example of the Intercepting Filter design patttern Correct
e. Filters can only be invoked on incoming requests, and not on a dispatcher forward or include Incorrect

Answer Given: A,B,D
My Answer: A,D
As <url-pattern> assoociated filter get higher priority than <servlet-name>

I compiled example and came to know :
<jsp:root> it not required (Also I got this in JSP 2.0 Spec)

<url-pattern>*.java</url-pattern> is valid i run the example and its working


isUserInRole compare with <role-name> as per Spec


Regarding taglib i tried to give tld path :

and inside customtag.tld i mentioned tag file

Its still giving translation error as not able to find out tag file.
Similarly i tried this also

<%@taglib tagdir="/WEB-INF/tags/myheader.tag" prefix="mm"%>
this is also not working.

it seems my assumptions are correct, can you please give your feed back on this ?
Few doubts from marcus green exam :

This taglib is given true <%@ taglib tagdir="/WEB-INF/tags/taglib.tld" prefix="h" %>
I feel tagdir should be valid dir path not file path.
One question asking to find valid servlet mapping and one mapping contains this
given wrong comment is : Container not look for extension just map the request url for mapping.(I understand this fact but i selected this answer because its valid URL pattern can support this kind of request )
The isUserInRole method makes a comparison with roles defined within the role-link tag of the deployment descriptor
I think this is wrong it comapre with <role-name> not <role-link>
Again one question on <jsp:root> must be the root element of JSP Document.
Options: True ,Flase
Given Answer: True
My Answer : False
Because i read somewhere that in JSP 2.0 its not required.

Can you guys please help me on this doubts ??