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Originally posted by Gurumurthy Ramamurthy:
Thanks Sanjeev.

Already I have used weblogic API to deploy my ear file, it was successful.

Now, I have a typical problem like I would like create a single program through which I want to deploy ear file on different app servers (say weblogic, websphere, oas etc.).

So, I would like to use pure jsr 88 API (from sun java), so that it would be a common API and only class differs is that app server specific classes for registering the implementation factory.

I am able to get the DeploymentManager instance using jsr 88 APIs. Now, next step is getting the DeployableObject for the given ear file, as far as I have searched there is no implementation class for this interface or any classes seem to give the instance of DeployableObject. But, I have seen WebLogicDeployableObject implements DeployableObject, but it would be narrow to weblogic. If I use this class, then for other app servers, I need to have app server specific DeployableObject, isn't it? So, looking for pure jsr 88 api for this.



Let me explain a bit about JSR-88. There are a set of APIs
the App Server vendor must implement and a set of APIs the
external Tool vendor must supply. The App Server vendor
must implement all the APIs in the javax/enterprise/deploy/spi
package because those APIs represents a direct connention into
the appserver and that is usually proprietatary code. The Tool
vendor must implement all the APIs in the javax/enterprise/deploy/module
package because they have control of the access to the app code.
The tool vendor may be using a proprietary directory structure for
and unjar-ed app or the app may be in a stnd J2EE archive.

In this case you are the Tool vendor. You must implement the
javax/enterprise/deploy/module package interfaces, and DeployableObject
is one of them, however you need not create code from scratch. There
are several open-src projects have have implemented these APIs. I
would recommend taking what they have and modifying it to meet
your needs. Glassfish and Netbeans have implementations.
See and

Join the glassfish project (for free) and you have access to all
the src code. The package name to the implementation is

Netbeans has src code download modules.