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Stumblr is an easy way to browse photos from Tumblr blogs on your phone. You can easily bookmark your favorite blogs and download individual photos.

Available in the Android Market

And on GetJar

12 years ago
HostJ2ME Mobile

The mobile client enables users to access files and applications in their account.

Access all of your files from your phone. OSM is a mobile client for your account.

You can use it to:

1) Upload files from your phone
2) Browse your public and private files
3) Browse shared files
4) Search for files
5) Backup your contacts, calendar, and tasks

14 years ago
Sounds like you may not have GPRS enabled or configured correctly. Have you used GPRS, browsed the web, from this device before?

About the IP forwarding, are you saying that a) you have a PC in a DMZ (or not behind a firewall) with a public IP or b) you have a public IP of a router (or gateway) that port forwards to a PC on a provate network?
15 years ago and provide OTA provisioning services for mobile application developers and enthusiasts.

Test OTA downloads, send SMS messages, transcode images, and more!

Visit or

15 years ago
Hello, I believe your post is in the wrong section. But yes, you can create WAP pages which display Arabic characters.

As for J2ME, you can create applications which support Arabic also.

Here is an example,
15 years ago
Keep in mind you have to balance the open and close operations. That means if you call open 3 times you need to call close 3 times. It appears that you have an open operation in a loop but no corresponding close in the same loop.
15 years ago
I am not aware of a way to do this directly from a standard MIDP device. I believe their is a way if you are using a BlackBerry. That said, you can achieve a similar result and prevent your application from hanging by using threads.

Perform your IO related operations in one thread, using a the main (UI) thread or another thread to monitor the progress of your IO related thread. If your timeout interval elapses you can then alert the user, set a flag to indicate that the IO thread should not continue (i.e. if open succeeds after, do not read, etc).
15 years ago
User agents are not required at a protocol level and, unlike microbrowsers are not default when using the low level API.

You can set the user agent header by using:


Some suggest using a User Agent based off the platform:


We usually create a user agent which includes the application name and version.
15 years ago
Hello, If you are trying to send the message from the phone to the server you can use HTTP ((HttpConnection) If you servlet returns a XML response you can use kXML to parse the inputstream. In fact you can use an XmlWriter to write to the outputstream.
15 years ago
You can use the push registry to enable your application to receive SMS messages that are sent to specific ports. Unfortunately I am not aware of any way to intercept messages that are sent to the default port.
15 years ago
Host the jar/jad on your web server and send a SMS with a link to the app or a WAP push.
15 years ago
The first this you will need in the WTK; it has many example applications and can build, package, and emulate ME applications. It is available from has tutorials and code snippets. There used to be a blueprint for J2ME called smartticket, but I am unable to remeber its location.

Many like to use NetBeans for developement; it has custom libraries and a visual editor. I prefer an eclipse based environment.

Additional resources can be found at:

When you are ready to start building BlackBerry optimized applications, you can visit the link below to download the JDE and view a getting started guide.
15 years ago
1) Object reuse is normally a good practice. However, consider how much memory is available to the application and how frequently an object can/will be reused.

Some devices have issues with creating many UI components; i.e.

Think about the architecture of your application; identify the candidates for reuse.

2) I would suggest using a non-busy wait pattern for networking; queue the network operations and use one or more worker threads to execute the operations.
15 years ago
It is possible for a J2ME application to run on a Blackberry and a Samsung mobile; although the Blackberry may require extra steps. You should look for the Java ME platform/API support each device. This will help you determine which devices your application will run on.

Something to consider with the 8100, BB devices have proprietary APIs which allow you to leverage more of the device.
15 years ago