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Recent posts by Md Uddin

Amir Keibi wrote:In this example, "HelloWorld" interface forms the web service's "contract". These contracts (which have no implementation) are packaged with your client. That is, the interface is packaged into a jar file for example, and is add to your client app's classpath. On the contrary, if you generate the stub with wsimport, the tool will read the WSDL and generates the interface for you.

Hi Amir, thank you for your reply. So, for the below Web Service client (took it from 'Java Web service up and running' book, chapter 1), I need to do the same, right? Need to add the interface jar into the client class path and then run it ....?

10 years ago
Hello Everyone,

I am very new with the web services. So, please bear with me if the question is stupid.

I am trying to get a better concept about writing a Java SOAP CLIENT (I understand the SOAP Service Implementation, I think .

Seems like there are different ways of writing a JAVA soap client. For example, in the below link
Java SOAP Client

(1) Java Web Service client Without Tool (without running 'wsimport'):
=> My understanding is, when we do this, it will not generate the service stubs on client side ...
# Please correct me if I am wrong, or what is the case here

Q: In this case, how can we access the HelloWorld class? (Client code can be anywhere other than SOAP Service Implementation package)

So how can we import

or call

Am I missing any step before writing this type of client?
10 years ago
@Mohamed Yousuff: I know I am replying to a very old post here. But I couldn't resist my self not thanking you. I have searched the net for the solution for last couple of days and no one has this simple solution.

Thank you again. This information was really helpful.

Eric Pascarello wrote:You can not make an Ajax call to another domain


The Ajax call will be to a sub domain. I think that will work. How about in that case ?

Bear Bibeault wrote:

Md Uddin wrote:I want to give the browser back to the form action URl. What you suggest ?

I'm not sure what you are asking here.

Sorry, if I couldn't make my question clear.

First I would like to send an AJAX request to, depends on the response (success or failure) , I would like to submit my form and which will send it to

As per my understanding ajaxSubmit() should do the work. I am probably missing the very basic here (I am really new to jQuery).
Depends on the above code what I need to change if I would like to do this using ajaxForm() or ajaxSubmit() ?
Bear Bibeault, wow you are really fast. I couldn't even finish uploading and you already replied. Thank you.
I have updated my code, I want to give the browser back to the form action URl. What you suggest ?
This is what I am trying to do. I have the below code which would self submit a form and would redirect it to

Now I am trying to do almost the same using JQuery

It did not submit the form. It was staying on the same page instead of going to (I am not quite sure about the difference between ajaxSubmit() and ajaxForm())
If I use $('#myForm').submit(); instead of $('#myForm').ajaxSubmit(); it does work.

I am just wondering what I am missing here. Shouldn't the code $('#myForm').ajaxSubmit();
submit the form ?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Bear Bibeault wrote:jQuery allows you to create "global" handling function that will be invoked at a number of staged of an Ajax request. It's a fine mechanism for consolidating processing in one place.

Could you please give me an example (May be something related to my problem) ?

Thank you.

Eric Pascarello wrote:Well you are not going to be making Ajax calls to another domain from your website.

You will have to make separate calls for each URL. You can easily code one function that has the JQuery code in it with a variable for the url.


Hello Eric, thank you for your reply.

That is fine (as you mentioned above). But I also have to wait till I get all the responses back

another questions is:
How do I capture all the responses in one variable (or one place) ?

[a sample code will be great for whole thing ... ]

Thank you in advance.

Eric Pascarello wrote:You want to send 4 requests at one time?


Is it possible to send 4 request at one time ?

Let me give some more details:

Suppose I have the following 4 URLs to send the request to:

1) http:/
2) http:/
3) http:/
4) http:/

Now, I would like to send the request to the above URL using JQuery code (but it need to be done from one single HTML file or Java Script).
(it may be not with the .get() function ... that was my initial guess)

Thank you.

Bear Bibeault wrote:That greatly depends on what determines which url is to be used and when. You haven't said. How can we guess?

Sorry If I couldn't make my question clear. I am very new to JQuery.

I am trying to send multiple num of request to the server and get the response back. I need to do it from one Javascript code/file.

For example, I may have 4 urls to send the request to (does not matter when, as long as all the request sent) from one Javascript file with the JQuery code.

Is that possible ?

Thank you in advance.
Consider the below JQuery example to initiates the GET request to the server:

here test.php is the URL where the request is going. Is there a good way to assign it for Multiple URL ?

Like, if I have 4 different URL (number of URL is not fixed) to send the request to ... what should I do?

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
As I didn't get any answer from the above thread. Let me try it another way to resolve my issue.

My application was using

which I would like to replace with current jaxb 2.1.9 version jars
I probably need

But I realized that lots of classes from older version has been deprecated, which I am using, like:




There are lot's of implementation with the use of above classes

I am just wondering if anyone could help me with any workaround or any web link or any doc, so that I can replace the old jars with new ones.

Thank you in advance.
[ December 01, 2008: Message edited by: Md Uddin ]

My application previously used the following two jars (from version 1):

* jaxb-rt-1.0-ea.jar: Runtime library (the binding framework)
* jaxb-xjc-1.0-ea.jar: Schema compiler

I am just wondering, which I need to replace from version 2.1.9 with the above two jar (I want to use the latest version).

When I got the version 2.1.9, I have the following jars:

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
[ November 26, 2008: Message edited by: Md Uddin ]
Thank you Nitesh for your reply.

But using join() seems not working. I already tried before posting here.