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Recent posts by Parag Bharambe

Congreats Srini...

When did you appear for Part 3?

Great score Biswaranjan

When did you appear for essay exam?


Everybody is voting for 1.5, but how are you planning to study? Three is no official text book, there is not much mock text available so how will you test your skills?

I read it quite a lot in the current that SCJP 5 will land a good job. Frankly, i do not think by mere SCJP 5.0 one will land a good job,. In fact most of the employer look for SCJP , and most often they do not look for 1.4 OR 5. I agree that SCJP 5 is latest, but very few companies have started using it commercially.

your comments welcome...

I think the most challenging question is how one can quantify ?

How can one be assured that the system will support so many number of user?

Congreatulation !!! Great score.

Can you share your experience/good points to us?

Can you share more info on your Component diagram please?

Congrats Rafael.

Any particular reason for not showing JSP/Servlet in Component diagram.

I think they do provide value to the Component diagram. Because Component diagram provide basic structure of the system and how it will function. But mentioining the JSP/Servelet, the user get much better view of the system in term of how it will function.

Let me know your comments.

Any way, you are thorugh SCEA and enjoy.

DTO's are required in Application as well as Presentation. So rather than showing DTO's in component diagram and cluttering the diagram more, I would prefer to mention this in Assumption section.

I agree that we can mention Queue as a steriotype. Will Queue and MDB be mentioned in Class diagram or Component diagram. I believe they need to be in Component diagram, becuase both of them are Component?? Your thoughts....


If you focus your attenction on Component Diagram for what went wrong, you will get quite a few points to ponder on

1 You mentioned that your component diagram and class diagram were (mostly) same except component sign on Component diagram.
>> Component is a replacable part of system. So all the classes cannot be component. i.e You can show Customer as one Component and need not show all the dependent classes in Component diagram.
>> You can show packages, for logical grouping of classes, which you do not show in Class diagram.
>> You can attache the notes to Component mentioing the Pattern used by Component.

I hope this helps. Feel free to raise any queries.

Congreatulation !!!.

In relation to component diagram,
1 you mentioned only packages on component diagram?
2 Have you not shown domain comoponent as part of domain model in component diagram?


Any thoughts for lossing marks in Components/Class diagram? Any advise you would like to give us?

I am wondering how much detail should be mentioned in seq diagram.

Support you are creating SeatVO.

It will be
For each Intinerary
For each return and departure journey
for each segment
create seat DTO.

this loop will be repeated for lot of places in seq diagram.

Do I need to show all this in method call in seq diagram or mentioing it in Notes will suffice?


Is it a essential to show lifeline in all sequence diagrams?

What levels of details shall be put in sequence diagram?

Thanks Pankaj for the information.
Few more queries
What would you call change and extension of BDM
1.Change the cardinality between the classes
2.Introduce another class which will related to two or more classes in BDM without changing the BDM
3.Changing the association relationship between the classes

Have you mentioned DAO/DTO in class or component diagram?

I think there are two Itinearies one is departure itineary (destination to arrival) and from arrival to departure (arrival). So when user log in he may be shown all unpaid itinearies.

I think it is not a good idea to save an itineary, because saving the itineary will not add great deal of benefits to a system. FLight selection s all dependenet on availability of seats. And seats availability is very dynamic.

Even if we assume that Itineary is saved today and you log in tomorror or after 10 hours, the saved itineary has not meaning because seats might not be available.

I believe that unpaid Itinearies need not be saved.

Any thoughts?
For Prepare Itinerary use case, if we consider all the scnerio (normal flow), then one sequence diagram will become Hugh.

Is it a good idea to split the sequence into two or we have to consider all other in one diagram only�.