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Recent posts by Yu Huei Ren

Hello, thanks for taking time to read this thread.

All of a sudden, some things in my PC are screwed up. I use the Windows XP.

1. cannot get rid of "Send Error Report" popup

I used the Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) for downloading things from the internet. Most of the time, DAP was very helpful. But, DAP failed to intercept when I tried to download a zip at the Exadel web site.

After I tried DAP (with failures) to download that particular zip many times, I simply cannot get rid of the "Send Error Report" popup.

The Microsoft gives me an automatic message saying it is not a Microsoft problem if I confirm (click on "Yes") to send the report.

Then, I am stuck with this unresolved problem. Every time I log onto my PC, I get this popup asking me if I want to send the error report.

2. cannot "empty" Bulk and Trash of my Yahoo e-mail account

I have had a Yahoo e-mail account for six years. For more than 5 1/2 years, I had no problem to click on the "empty" to clean up e-mail in the "Bulk" folder or in the "Trash" folder.

In recent months, the "empty" link does not respond to my clicks any more. The problem happens only if I use my own PC. The "empty" link still work if I use the PC at work.

Therefore, something is not functioning well in my PC. I do see a "Javascript" problem popup every time I want to shut down my PC.

I am writing in hope someone knows exactly what to do to get rid of those annoying small problems.

Thank you very much in advance.
15 years ago
Which country are you in? I have US experience to share. But, my experience is irrelevant if you are not in the US.
15 years ago
I have heard about POJO for quite some time. To my understanding, POJO makes the J2EE application development easier.

What is POJO? It is useful in what ways? How does it make J2EE developers work easier?
Are there good books for learning to use the most current version of the WebSpere?

Where do I download the WebSphere documentations if none of the books are that good.

Thank you for advices in advance.
16 years ago
When will SCBCD start testing our knowledge of EJB3.0?

Are there good EJB3.0 books?

Am I violating the JavaRanch rules by posting two questions in one thread? Nevertheless, thanks for your advices in advance.