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Recent posts by Debbie Christian

I think it must have something to do with the site as a whole, just can't imagine what
21 years ago
I am utterly confused.
The following is a part of my submission for ib -
> //calculate number of complete lines that is possible

(Marilyn deleted code to protect future participants)

- and I got nitpicked as follows -
What happens if the name is just perfectly long enough that you
write exactly 80 characters? ( like "sue", "bill" or "marilyn" )
- that and the fact that when use 'bill' to run the program, it[ the program] inserted an extra line between the lines, made me think that I needed to count the nbr of chars being printed to the screen. This I did and got nitpicked as follows -
Looks like you are depending on something that the operating system
does. The program will be simpler if you don't concern yourself with
squeezing in that last tidbit of optimization. I suggest that instead, you
simply avoid the 80th character and always force a new line at the end of
each line.
- but I did start a new line after every line that was printed -


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21 years ago
Assigment: Java - 2
Attempt: 1
I am still on attempt one. The same old story - at work we have what is euphemistically called an ambititous schedule, manager speak for you will have no life for a few weeks
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21 years ago
Thanks guys, with all your help I passed 1a.
21 years ago
I've been asked to optimize my assignment - offending line System.out.print( args[ 0 ] + " " ); -
nitpicker's comment -
100 array dereferences and 100 string concatenations. Any room for
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
21 years ago
Thanks guys!! . The problem was I didn't have the subdirectory containing my source file in my classpath.
21 years ago
I've sortof figured out my problem - I must compile and execute my programs in the /jdk1.3/bin subdirectory. I thought I didn't have to as long as I have that /jdk1.3/bin in my classpath and I use the -sourcepath and -d flags of the javac command. That didn't work for me tho. Any comments?
21 years ago
I've written my program and compiled it with no errors. When I run it i get the following
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Hundred
21 years ago