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Recent posts by Cristiano Sganzerla

Hi, can anyone explain me one thing.

I got the old scjd (Bodgitt and Scarper, LLC., 2.3.2) and till now didnt submit my program. I even didnt pay for the second part of the exam.

I had the information that the software should be submitted at most 18 months after the new java release. Is this true yet?

Did i lose the certification?

I got the instruction in 11 may 2010

Naveen Narayanan wrote:Thanks roberto

line no. 99,100 of

First 4 byte magic-cookie , next 4 byte record-length , right ?
My assignment says a Data File Format

Start of file
4 byte numeric, magic cookie value identifies this as a data file
4 byte numeric, offset to start of record zero

So, is that "start of record zero" pointing to Data section. (offset into file equal to "offset to start of record zero" value)
I feel probably my db format doesn't have a recordLength value directly given

I didnt get the recordlenght. I got the offset too.

Offset means the number of bytes that need to be jumped, if you want to acess the first record.

Its redundant, because, if you put a variable that stores the number of bytes read until the first record, it should be the same as the content of these bytes.

the same as record lenght, that is the sum of the flag bytes with the sum of each field size.

both are redundant.

Roberto, i compared my tool with yours, and was almost the same. With few changes.

And, ahhh, i used the method

These shift operators, grrrrrrr

Long time ago since my first cert
I never used in my job and forgot almost everthing about this section

By the way

Great tool !!!

Hi guys, got my instruction today.

Bodgitt and Scarper 2.3.2

It´s time to work hard

Hi guys.

I have contacted sun brazil, and a girl told me that they are releasing slowly the projects.

i dont need a voucher, and i will receive a link in my email to download the assignment.

lets wait

Christiaan Lombard wrote:Hi

Roel, do you mean to say that you don't have to register anything with Prometric for Step 1?


Hi Christiann, im struggling to download the requirement, didnt get the voucher number yet.

I think you dont need to contact prometric for the first part.

Thanks for the info Roel.

Roberto Perillo wrote:

Roel De Nijs wrote:As far as I know you don't need a voucher number to start the assignment. They just have to grant you authorization to download your assignment.

Oh yeah, that's right. Heres another thread that discusses the download of the assignment.

Hi Roberto, in the link provided by you we have

vinny kapoor:
i have the sun voucher....
now please tell me how to proceed..

Then, they'll send you an email, asking you to provide some information (including your voucher id)

Akshay Kiran
do let me know how you go about doing it. I have a voucher and need to download the assignment too.

Alejandro Sandoval
I'm in the same situation as you are guys, i have a sun voucher and i want to download the SCJD assignment.

All of them got the voucher.

I did not receive the voucher, is the voucher required or am i missing something?

I bought the mundojava magazine this morning.

Are you pos graduating in ITA? I dont like computer science that much!!!

i have sent you a mp.
to start the assignment

Roel De Nijs wrote:Hi Cristiano,

There are several known problems due to Oracle's acquisition: thread1, thread2 and thread3.

Kind regards,

Hi Roel, thanks for the info but i've already read them. I felt free to create a new topic, because my problem is that i've already paid for the voucher 1,5 month ago, and they didnt send me. The girl told me that i need to wait an 'unknown time' to get the voucher. I joked on her and asked if could be an year, then she said to wait more on month.
How could this be possible, 3 months to generate a voucher to me?
I´m imagining if a get the same problems another ranchers are having to download the requirement.

I guess you'll just have to wait then. But still, I'd say that it would be a good idea to call them weekly, just to make sure they don't forget about you.

Yes, i call them at least 10 times til now, a girl named Graziela was pretty gentle to me.

By the way man, are you brazilian too?!

You bet!

Are you having problems with SCJD voucher recently?

Im trying to obtain my voucher since 5 december 2009.

I´ve already payed the voucher about 1,5 month ago, and til now, nothing.

When i contacted Sun Brazil, a lot of times of course, they said me if i want my money back, they would do it. But, what the hell, i dont want my money back, i want my voucher to be a SCJD.

When i asked the girl by phone, she told me that it was because of Oracle acquisition, and that it could take me another month for my voucher to be delivered

Thats it.

Sorry for my english.
Hi, i was wondering what is the default value for a
body-content element in the tld.

For classic tags, it can be: JSP, scriptless, tagdependent, empty

For simple tags, it can be: scriptless, tagdependent, empty

Am i wrong?

How the container use the default value for the body-content ?
Does it know if is a simple or custom tag looking in the tag-class element?

Thanks !!!
Christophe Verre the book is ambiguous, we really need to know the include
method for the exam !!

I have already add the corrections in the uploaded file, but didnt add the 'include' method yet.

I will do the same with other classes and interfaces, this will be a very useful topic.
[ August 20, 2007: Message edited by: Cristiano Sganzerla ]
Hi, Christophe Verre, thanks very much for the corrections.

Here its the jude installation with the 2 files. and diagrams .rar

I dont put the 'include' method in the requestDispatcher since it wont be on the exam, at least its what hfsj said. What do you think ?
Hi, i made this diagram in JUDE, its free.
If anyone of you want the jude file, please put the email here so i can send to you and you can modify whatever you want.

Here is the pics about the diagram, i will make more diagrams before the exam.