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Recent posts by Animesh Saxena

To add to this, there are some problems with IFRAME. Try maximizing it's height in IE, it creates issues. Yup this problem is still there in IE 7.0. After trying lots of Javascript alternatives i switched to FRAMES. I was trying to display some content in IFRAME and when maximized or resized the content used to go hayward....but after trying lots of javascript quickfixes, I had no choice but to go over to FRAMEs, which offer a simple but elegant solution

Hope IE fixes this height IFRAME BUG....
This problem I have been trying to solve for the past few days. So javascript experts ---> try it, coz no forums / sites have the solution.

Consider a simple HTML table with tr td tags. Now make it a bit complex by adding rowspans and colspans.

When you try to delete a column which already spans some column it should delete the spanned columns also. It's like in excel when you select a cell and say "Delete-->Entire column", it deltes the related cells for example


So if I delete A then both the columns "BC & DE" should get deleted. This should be done via javascript. What I am doing is before deleting trying to decrease row spans and col spans of each cell to one, and creating empty cells in it's place. Before it decreases the spans it tries to note down the number of linked cells. So structure becomes something like

A (Blank) F



Now if I delete A then I should delete the next side column also. Again after deleting it, it will restore the table to it's original state. Meaning --> RowSpan and colspan of other cells will be restored to their original values. Obviously this method is complex and causes some errors.

Is there any other way to achive this excel deletion functionality?

Anybody tried it??

lemme know.....

No need to go the prometric centre. You can download the assignment and start working. After you complete it, you need to mail the sun site, and they will grant you upload rights for uploading the assignment.

For the next part ..Essay exam only U need to contact prometric. I just completed the assignment portion and wil be giving the essay exam in a few days
I completed my assignment few weeks back and now almost ready to give the essay exam.

Those who have given the essay exam might have answers to my simple queries.

Q1) When answering questions in essay exam, do we need to mention names of the classes we created and then explain the pattern or it should be just a general description of the pattern followed.

Q2) Code snippets in the essay exam answers. Is it a good idea or bad?

Q3) What is the general length of an answer in the exam? 2 pages or more??

Q4) How many questions are there in the exam?
Yup wierd....definitely.....not a bug
or maybe AJAX for sending to server side
I don't think session object can be written by javascript. it's server side. If I am getting your problem right, I guess you wanna share data between client side (to ---> and server side

You can use a hidden html textbox which is populated by javascript, and when form submits you can access that textbox from your server side code.

Or use the standard querystring approach (Again a messy thing).
Can you post the javascript code you wrote.
Might help in resolvin the issue...
I usually store it in WEB-INF\JScript\ folder. Basically I don't keep them along with class files.

Although you can keep it inside WEB-INF itself without any directory, but I guess it's better to follow a clean approach.
In plain simple terms it means....preventing multiple access to it @ the same instant.

Imagine access to a ticket counter or any shared resource where you lock the counter, get the ticket, unlock it allowing access for another person.
Best way I can think of is use a hidden control which gets populated by the servlet by submitting to the same form.

Not sure but I guess you want to hook up the event for generating these numbers via a submit button or something. You can have a form submit or something, do a submit to the same page and not a different one in your case. Use servlet to populate the hidden control with the result and use that control.

16 years ago
Try Ians Roughley Struts 2 Book.

Good one
16 years ago
Using threads is simple,

call the webservice code in seperate thread in a new run method....your main code wil still keep running...(Main thread)..

Might be your question is somethin different.
Try this.


There are more classes you can try.

But dont try in Linux, coz i guess it wont support WindowsLookAndFeel

Animesh Saxena
16 years ago
U need a free server also man. Mobile Gateways won't allow it.
17 years ago