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Recent posts by Steve Gibson

For some reason, I find myself strugling with using XML with Java. The tutorials on line that I have found online are either SOOOOOOO dry and boring (like sun's) I can't stand reading them (I've gotten spoiled by the Head First Series), others are so incomplete they make no sense.

Can anyone recommend a good book or tutorial on using XML with Java???

Hey Bert and Kathy, how a xml or web services Head First Book!!!
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16 years ago

Originally posted by Bert Bates:

Yeah, I think we all get that definition

But, we've ALSO seen that some less than scrupulous individuals have taken screen shots of actual exam questions and called them "dumps" - that's what we're on the lookout for!

Ahhhhhh.... did not know that (haven't been on the board long enought to see that). Thanks for the clarification.

Originally posted by Bert Bates:
Hi Guys,

I don't want to jump to any conclusions, so I'll ask with an open mind :roll: what you mean when you ask for a "dump" ?

It sounds like an illegal copyright violation, which of course we can't allow on the site, so we just want to be sure we understand what you're asking for.


Not to insult anyones intelligence but in the mainframe, midrange world thats debugging info and exception info. Some companies will throw a dump (like a cobol dump, if you were apllying for a cobol job) in front of you during the interview and ask you to find the problem.
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Originally posted by Honda Dubai:
Hi Steve,

Greetings. I am working as an AS400 anlyst in Honda motors Dubai. Could you tell me in Bally Systems,what type of applications are used for AS400?

Thx in Advance.


Sorry for the delay I was at a client site for a few weeks.

Anyway, first things first, Bally Gaming and it's parent company Alliance Gaming have unified under the Ballt Technologies, Inc. name.

Secondly to answer your question, the iSeries (as/400) is used for the casino management, both versions (this is the software that actually runs the casino, ie financials, reporting etc0 and acsc sms (slot management) systems.
16 years ago
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but....

I wrote a standalone app for my company in Java SE 1.4, which I need to continue to support.

I have been assigned to the team the supports a intranet touchscreen app. that uses JRun4 and Java EE 1.3.

My question is, can I install the Java EE 1.3 sdk on my workstation (win XP sp2) along side of Java SE 1.4.

Also will I need the 1.3 jvm?

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.
16 years ago

Originally posted by Dave Wingate:
Have you tried somethng along the lines of:

java -cp "%CLASSPATH%" -jar myjarfile.jar

I think that should probably work.

Nope.... does not work. Matter of fact specifing the complete classpath does not work either. I believe that I read on the web somewhere that a jar file ignores externally specified classpaths... but I have a hard time believing that (but it could be true).
[ March 20, 2006: Message edited by: Steve Gibson ]
16 years ago
Is there a way to get a Executable Jar to use the system classpath.

I have an app the uses the SqlServer jdbc driver, and if I specify the classpath in the manifest it works, but if I leave the classpath out of the manifest it can;t find the jdbc driver and the classpath for the jdbc driver is in the system classpath.

I really don't want to specify the classpath because it is very likely that the JDBC driver is already installed on the clients workstations.

All the workstations are XP sp2

Again, I have search the internet but have not turned anything up on this.
[ March 20, 2006: Message edited by: Steve Gibson ]
16 years ago
It Worked..... Thanks
16 years ago
Midget (little person for you PC types)
16 years ago
I wrote a java app that uses the MS sqlServer jdbc driver. The driver location is in the system classpath (XPpro sp2) and when I execute my app as:

all is good......

So I created a executable jar file and cannot get the sqlServer driver to load.

I created this manifest file:

and created the jar with:

I have tried all kinds of variations of the jar creation and the manifest file, but cannot get the sqlServer driver to load. All I get is:

I have spent the day searching the net for an answer and haven;t come up with anything yet.

HELP!!! what am i doing wrong???
[ March 17, 2006: Message edited by: Steve Gibson ]
16 years ago

Originally posted by Michael Hall:
Well, That did the Trick. It works fine. Thanks a lot.
I assume since you are a greenhorn that you are not THE Steve Gibson.

I'm not sure who THE Steve Gibson is..... the only one I can think of is the SpinRite Steve Gibson, in which case I'm not :-)

I'm only a greenhorn on this board, I've been coding since 1987 in RPGIII, RPGIV, ILE-RPG, C (win sdk), VB (all versions) then did a long stint in management. Now I'm back Coding in C# and Java.
16 years ago

Originally posted by Michael Hall:
Chapter 18? ServiceServer?

2 things...

1.My chapter 18 referece was just letting you know that the example really dosen't work as advertised.

2. In your ClientHandler class code for the chat server, you never actually created (instantiated) the BufferedReader (the missing code is in bold/italics below). :

public ClientHandler(Socket clientSocket){
InputStreamReader isReader=new InputStreamReader(sock.getInputStream());
reader = new BufferedReader(isReader);
} catch(Exception ex) {ex.printStackTrace();}

So in your original code the line:

while((message=reader.readLine()) != null)

reader was pointing to (referencing) nothing (null), because reader had never been instantiated (created).

[ March 01, 2006: Message edited by: Steve Gibson ]
[ March 01, 2006: Message edited by: Steve Gibson ]
16 years ago
If you notice in all their client/server examples the remote IP address is which is yout local loopback (aka localhost) ip address. So what your really are doing is an interprocess call.

Be aware that the example in chap18 ServiceServer does not work if you seperate out the class's into seperate directories. It only works if the service class's are in the same directory as the client. The code does not send the service's to the client as indicated in the sample text. I emailed Bert Bates about it, hopefully it will make the errata for the book.
16 years ago
NJ and NY do not have a reciprocal tax agreement. you must file in both and if you work in the city I believe you also file city taxes. I did work in NY but not the City.

NJ and PA have a reciprocal tax agreement, if you work in PA and live in NJ as I did you only file NJ state taxes, BUT if you worked in Philadelphia you also had to fiel and pay city taxes.

Apparantly the only thing NJ and NY can agree on is breaking it off in your **** in tolls for going over the bridges.
16 years ago