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since Jan 19, 2006
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Recent posts by grover holzwarth

If I understand well, I am prone to belive that the type of dicom jpeg 2000 images ( allways a little bit tricky) have some kind of problem to process the diferent tasks of compression and decompression.

There are an article complaining exactly about the limitations of this java library vis-a-vis the management of j2k images.

I'm telling this because we are facing the similar problems, with our applet which has the same scope of yours.

We have implemented a solutions in C++ - an activex component -- a dicom web viewer. I can send you the code if you like.

Our project used to be a commercial project, but we derived a brach only to deal with open - source code.

So , I ' ll be glad to see your software ( are there any demos ?) and if you agree your sorce code.

Perhaps we both can accelerate the developement of our solutions ?

Let me know about.

Dr Grover MD
18 years ago
dear Mr Farhat: I just read your post here . In fact is quite difficult to implement a dicom viewer capable to read dicom jpeg 2000 images.

We have developped an activex control who does that, but unfortunately isn't in java. There are workarounds though. see this web site . Inside this demo site ther will be a demo - you can use user=demo pass=demo, in order to realize what kind of solution we have achieved.

Well, but this is not the answer you were waiting for.

By now we are developing exactly this kind of software- starting by a coder capable to convert a standard dicom image ( non compressed) to a dicom jpeg 2000. My question : Do you have this coder ? in any language, but preferably in java.

I hope we can change experiences since we are both working with exactly the same thing. This, perhaps, will accelerate the work of both of us.

Non comercial and even open-source . What do you think about it ?

Dr Grover Holzwarth MD
Hospital Florianopolis
18 years ago