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Recent posts by veena madhukar

Thank you. Once the assignment is uploaded, one would take part 3. After that they receive the grading ...right. Is that grading combined for the part 2 and part 3 together?
How do you go about paying and getting the assignment?

For Part 2, does the prometric testing centre not get involved? Is it only for part 1 and part 3 the testing centres do come into picture?
I cleared SCEA Part 1 today (march 20th) with 93%. I would really like to thank this forum as this has been of great help to me.

Following are the books I used for the exam :

1> Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE by Paul Allen and Joseph Bambara
2> Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Technology Study Guide by Mark Cade, Simon Roberts
3> Enterprise JavaBeans by Richard Monson-Haefel
4> UML Distilled by Martin Fowler
5> Design Patterns by Erich Gamma

I also did free mock exams available on the net:

I had bought arc2Patterns, but I would not recommend that at all. It is not updated after 2003. many answers are wrong. I was quite disappointed with that. Infact many free mock exams are much better than that.

I referred many of the following notes:

2> EJB:
Common Architecture:
3> Legacy Connectivity:
4> Messaging:
5> Protocol:
6> Load balancing
7> Security
I found the questions in the mock test They don't give reasons for their reasons. i wish they had given some reasons.
You have just bought a brand new dual processor with over 3 Gb of memory, the fastest server in its class. The server will host Apache web server and an oracle 8i database. What are the most notable weaknesses of this architecture. (choose 2)

1> Is it true to say that for a 3 tier architecture, Java is definitely the best solution.

a> True
b> False

2> Does a 3 tier architecure have the potential to introduce any new problems?

a> Poor manageability
b> Single point of failure
c> scalability
d> Thin clients
It has been confusing. As everytime when i see a question on the use of servlet Vs. Stateful session bean.

For eg in the following example my preference is to use Stateful session bean to manage users session over Servlet. As this is a classic shopping cart ex. let me know as the mock test had to suggest serlvet usage here.

You are developing an online shopping store for an art gallery. The company aims to bring fine art to the masses and expects a huge volume of traffic through the site. The site allows customers to pay for goods and arrange delivery methods using credit cards.
When would you use the DAO patterns in regards to a stateful session bean?

a> When using BMP to reduce the dependence on underlying datastore.

b> You would not use DAO with Stateful session beans.
As part of an application you are developing you need to move the state of an object but not its behavior. What should you use?

I had A and B as my answer. But arc2patterns ...had suggested the answer as E. That is when i got confused. Than you for your reply.
Thank you for detailed reply. Infact even I had thought the response the way U have indicated. But the arc2Patterns where I found the question had suggested the answer the other way. That is when I was surprised.
Which statement is true?

Classes loaded from a jar file on a remote source can sometimes be trusted even if the jar file is unsigned;

Classes loaded from a signed jar file are trusted if the public key associated with jar file's signature is marked as trusted in the keystore.
Doomingdale's has an online application where customers may browse the latest season's catalogs. Currently no e-commerce is planned. What J2EE technology is best suited for this application?

A. Java Servlets
B. JSP with Java classes
C. CMP entity beans
D. BMP entity beans
E. Stateless Session beans with DAO
You are the chief architect of ABCD consulting Inc. and got a client green hound inc. to design an online bus ticket booking application. Currently your plan to have a controller to maintain user sessions, a customer component to hold personal details, a credit card validation component, a set of GUI screens and a Bus component with details of all routes and seating capacities. Which of the following should be used for each component?

I am not clear what the Controller should be? Should it be a Servlet or Stateful Session Bean?
Can you pls. send that to me too at