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Not That I know of.

When you do Sun's SCEA you also get questions on it, but then it it's only a part of this exam...
15 years ago
teglib.tld ?
16 years ago
Yes, I got a reply. I failed with 38% percent. Which was expected, because I hardly had time to do any proper preparation on all the new technologies. But I'm happy I know now, I can start preparing on SCEA 5 part I.

I hope I'm not the only one and Good luck to you all!

Dear Josine Wilms,

On behalf of SUN Microsystems, we sincerely thank you for your participation in the SCEA Beta exam. We are sorry to inform you that you did not pass the exam. Passing score was 57%, your score was 38%. You will receive a hard copy score report delivered by standard mail within the next 4-6 weeks. We encourage you to take the Live exam when it becomes available in early 2008. Again, thank you for your participation in the SCEA Beta exam.


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No, nothing yet today. I'm curious if you will also get a "no" today, but I guess in that case you'll just get a negative result back in two days.

Well succes for us all to be able to go for the beta & to make the best from it!!


Originally posted by josine wilms:
I've thoroughly tested my multithreading and....


Got IT !!!


Good luck to you all!!

I've thoroughly tested my multithreading and....


Got IT !!!


Good luck to you all!!


I think the same as you, it seems like that from their first answer, that because the locking wasn't good enough I ALSO got 10 points of for General Considerations. That's what they say anyway in the email.....

I don't hope so, I hope I will get a better explaining answer.

[ February 21, 2007: Message edited by: josine wilms ]

Thanks for the reply. I'm sure an employer will be fine with: "got it almost" , "and here we've my 10 point short on getting the SCJD exam".

I'm not planning to spend the money on it when I get this kind (or none) replies.

Hi all,

I'm having difficulty having an email conversation with the email address Sun provides for the SCJD.

See the email below.

I'm not sure what to do about this.

I got my grade: 310, 10 short on getting the certificate. In the report it says 10 points less on "General Considerations" and 80 less on "Locking". Ok, it doesn't lock enough, but it's still a lot of points considering the work in it. I think a percentage would be more elegant.

But then my problem, there's no reason given for the 10 points less on "General Considerations". If I could just have that one straightened, I would right away do the exam once more . But the communication with Sun is difficult. See my email to Sun below.

On this email I got no answer from Sun on the 10 points part. Just again, the same sentence " Major point loss on Locking". So I sent an email Again, stating the question again asking kindly if they could read the email again and give an answer on the "General Considerations" part. I didnt'get an email back. I sent an email again, I still don't get an answer back. This is taking three weeks now. I don't like this style, I don't like them not answering back. Problem is, I can only talk to their email address...........Some other people dealt with this problem? I allready read somewhere on this forum that actually a third party is grading the exam. Someone knows which company?

Onderwerp: SCJD - exam failed, I have a question
Headers: Alle headers weergeven


I just found out that I failed for the SCJD exam, that is all points (80) on Locking and 10 points on General Considerations.

For the Locking part there is a reason given; for the General Considerations there's no reason given why I have there -10 points.

I would be grateful to know, because for me it's easier and probably less risky (again a lot of money) to change the -10 points case on General Considerations, than to revise all of the locking part.

My details and exam details are copied below.

Thank you for considering,
Josine Wilms

Data Access Serviceďż˝

Test: Sun Certified Developer for the Java 2 Platform (310-027)
Grade: F
Score: 310
Comment: This report shows the total 1.4 SCJD points that could have been awarded in each section, and the actual number of points you were awarded. This is provided to give you per-section feedback on your strengths. The maximum possible score is 400; the minimum to pass is 320.

General Considerations (maximum = 100): 90
Documentation (maximum = 70): 70
O-O Design (maximum = 30): 30
GUI (maximum = 40): 40
Locking (maximum = 80): 0
Data store (maximum = 40): 40
Network server (maximum = 40): 40
Major point loss for record-locking mechanism, which is not according to spec. Your lock() method does notblock when trying to lock a locked record.

[ February 20, 2007: Message edited by: josine wilms ]
[ February 21, 2007: Message edited by: josine wilms ]
Thanks Barry,

Thanks for your answer. I found a solution that worked. I am using a StringBuilder for building the record, which apparently got me the squares when initializing it. I'm now initializing it with " ". It's working.

Almost finished now
You can name it anything you want.
Hi all,

When I save new records in the database file, I apparently filled after the hotelname or city name squares instead of spaces.

When I look with a hexeditor, sun saved the records with "20"'s as a space fill up, and I do with "00"'s.

I tried saving with ISO-8859-1, the subset US-ASCII and UTF-8, but it keeps saving with all "00"'s in my file.

How can I also fill it with "20"'s ?

I'm rather confused.

Hello Subu,

I did it the same as you! I'm sure it's fine. At the end of building your application, do check well your design with locking and error handling within client/server architecture.

Good luck,

Yes it's permissable to add methods to the Data class. It is not permissible to add methods to the DB interface.