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Recent posts by kuturam chakraborty

hi aswanth,

inside the java tab,two path names are given,

1)java virtual machine
here the path name given is

C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_07\bin\client\jvm.dll

and 2)java classpath where the path is

C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5\bin\bootstrap.jar

should i change anything here?

if i keep them ,i am not being able to start tomcat,there is a start tab but after clicking it it is not being able to start the app.

thank you all in advance
hi edissandro, i did what you told,however in the admin tools->services option
it shows that tomcat is not running,should i install tomcat once again.
hi Edissandro,

thanx for the reply,but in hfsj book ,while building the model mvc tutorial,they have given commands to shutdown tomcat,but when i try them from my command promt,it says "shutdown.sh" is not recognized as any command or batch file. is it because it is applicable only on linux\unix\osx?

how do i stop tomcat5.5 in windows xp?
hi friends,

i have installed tomcat5.5 in windows xp ,now i am not being able to start it up.whenever i click on the tomcat monitor ,it says that an instance of tomcat is already running.also,please tell me how to set the environment variables in windows xp(professional)
hi all
i have just started scwcd preparation and i am completely new to servlets and jsp.can anybody tell me which will be the best book to begin with? should i start with the HFSJ book or should i get my basics right with any other book before starting with HFSJ? if yes,which book should i try?
hi all
i have passed the scjp1.4 on 26th april 2006, but my name has not yet been updated in the certmanager.when i give nmy details it says it can not find a similar user.please tell me whome should i contact?

do i have to give my student id or the registration number in the certmanager.

please reply ASAP.
18 years ago
Thanks John but i have given the details exactly as printed on my score report.Tell me what should i do in case i see that my name is not updated there after about a week? should i contact prometric or sun?
hi all

i passed the scjp1.4 version on 26th april of this year.when i am trying to
check the certification database it says that it can not find a matching user.Is this any cause for concern what should i do in case it is not updated even after a few more days? in the k&b book they say that sometimes the score reports are not transmitted directly to sun and i then need the score report to prove that i have passed.
please advise.
Thank you for your reply John

I must thank KATHY SIERRA and BERT BATES for their wonderful book.I can safely advice people who are yet to be certified to go through the book in minute detail.do the exercise questions well.the actual exam questions are very very similar.also i think the marcus green exam is very similar.

I am an electrical engineer from India and i would soon be joining IBM GLOBAL SERVICES as application programmer.Can any body advise me whether going for the scwcd will help me in my career or should i go for any other certification.
18 years ago
I have just passed the scjop1.4 exam wit 81%

Its really a great feeling.

i just passed less than an hour ago but i cannot see my name in the sun cert manager data base can any one tell me if this is a problem or should i try again later.
18 years ago
in the first question 3 string objects are created and in the second 8 are created.System.out.println() does not create any new string object.
Sorry Bert i really got confused.Its ok now, I went through the entire gc portion and also the figure given along with it in the book.i had actually missed the figure the first time .
Is there drag and drop questions in the scjp1.4? how do the work?
Thanks Mahendar

Is this why it is said that instance variables are instance specific while the static variables have just one copy?

I am preparing to sit for the scjp in about 2 weeks time .please advise me on how i can utilize these two weeks to the maximum.I am following the K & B book and I have alredy done it twice and plan to sit for the mock exams provided with the book very soon.How much should i get in the mock exam to consider myself to be prepared.
Hello Bert,
Thanks for taking time out to answer my querry,byt i still have a doubt .Let ME TELL YOU HOW I UNDERSTAND THE QUESTION

In the first three lines inside the main method three objects are created and the three reference variables i1,i2,i3 refer to them respectively

now after the i2.i=i3; line executes the object peviously referred to only by i3 now has 2 references i and i3.

after the i3.i=i4 executes the object referenced by i4 has 2 references i,i4 but the i3 object is referred only by i3 now.

similarly after the i4.i=i2 executes now i2 object is referred to by i and i2 but the other two objects have just single references.

so at this point there are three objects one being refered to by the i & i2,another refered by i3 and another by i4.

now after the following code runs


there still remains the i reference variable which referes to the object originally refered by i2.

so 2 objects are eligible for gc not three objects.

Please let me know where i am going wrong.

Let me take this oppurtunity to thank you and Kathy Sierra for writing a wonderful book.You have really made learning java enjoyable.