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I searched google a lot and came across one post which indicated that the ojdbc14 jar file that the server might be using may have a bug which may cause the above issue.

I was using tomcat 6.0.13 which was using ojdbc14 - version I, then ran the code on the weblogic instance and everything worked. Weblogic was using version of the ojdbc14.

I copied over the in my tomcat installation and everything worked. The latest ojdbc14 is at -- I haven't tested it with the latest but if anyone else is experiencing a similar problem, you may want to check out the ojdbc14 versions before mucking around in the code.

Good Luck.

12 years ago
When I try to call a stored procedure from the spring framework, my log files keep increasing in size due to a lot of writes to it and then after about 30 mins I get OutOfMemoryError.
I am using the StoredProcedure class from the spring framework.

Here's what I have so far

Oracle Stored Procedure

My StoredProcedure class
Note the commented out line "setFunction(true)". If I uncomment it, I get a SQLException with the following message :
I thought that setFunction(true) should only be for functions. But since I have a procedure, I shouldn't be setting it correct?

My DAO which calls the above StoredProcedure class

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance..
12 years ago
I have a few tabs in my application and I wanted to get the tab change event so that I can fill two of my JLists when that particular tab is selected.

I read something about implementing a ChangeListener to do it. But my question is, how will I get access to the private member (JList) of my other class(which is basically a tab in the main frame) to fill it out.
13 years ago
Does JGoodies forms.jar allow automatic resizing of the components within the JFrame when the JFrame is maximized or re-sized by dragging?

If not, are there other layout managers out there, that do?
13 years ago

Originally posted by Ashok Mash:

14 years ago
I have a swing app, and I want to export the table data into an excel file.

Could someone suggest which one of these will be a better option and the pros and cons of each if possible

1) JasperReports
2) JFreeReport

14 years ago
I am using TableLayout
as the Layout Manager for my swing application. My application had a fixed frame size, but now the users want to be able to expand the window size. When I do that, all the other components like JTables and JButtons etc don't expand accordingly.

How would I make sure, that all the components within would also resize when I resize the window? Currently they retain the size and I get extra gray space between the components and the window edges, when I increase the size of the window.

14 years ago


[ March 03, 2007: Message edited by: Russell Peters ]
14 years ago
Religion does provide a basic set of rules which defines what is moral and what is not.

However, different religions may have a differing viewpoint on this.One religion's taboos can probably be acceptable behavior in another.

Of course there are some common moralities which most religions adhere too and the focus should be more on those
14 years ago
I have a few friends who are in a similar situation as you. And believe me each one I know is contemplating about quitting. Of course, they don't want to simply quit because after all they are being paid and no one wants to quit a paying job before having something concrete elsewhere.

I think being able to do what you want is more important in a job than anything else. IMHO, you should start looking for a "developer" job elsewhere. You can quit your current company after you receive an offer letter from elsewhere. And about the pay, I am sure you will get an equivalent pay, if not the same.

But as far as how the new company will treat you, i.e. as a developer or a developer in a support engineer role, I can't say. So research the company that you apply to. Ask around. People who work or have worked for that company might be able to better tell you about the goings on of the company. That could give you an idea about what you could expect if and when you are hired by the new company.

Good Luck !!!
14 years ago
The buttons "Set" and "Reset" -- are they on the circles or somewhere else on the panel?

Either way, you could define the JTextFields to be class members and do a field.setText() to set the value and field.getText() to display the value. Resetting can be done by setting the value to be an empty string.
14 years ago
This is the book for decision making.

Oh, No wait, this one is.

Or maybe, this one

No no no...this one is it

OR..yes yes thats the one !!
14 years ago
What's the point of posting the same question thrice over here and here too

Posting it once will be enough for getting help !
14 years ago

Originally posted by John Lockheart:
Yes, I do get a nullpointer exception at the line where I try performing the setText() on the JLabel inside the mouseListener. Along with tons of other error messages which I guess are related to that one error. I created the JLabel and set the text to ("Click a player"). Added it to the frame, declared it as a private instance variable inside the class. Then inside the mouseListener I try calling the instance variable. I thought once I created the label, as long as I referenced it's name I could setText() anywhere. I want the label to say "Click a player", and then change when a player is clicked. How do I have to code it, so it will work?

Paul was right on the money there !

The JLabel that you have in the constructor, is a local variable to that constructor, while the JLabel that you are trying to use in the mouse listener is the member variable.

You need to change the constructor from this

to this

provided you haven't defined "player_position_label" elsewhere in your listener
14 years ago
This is so crazy !!

We had a forum on this topic, on Friday, where I work...and now I see it here on JavaRanch !!!
14 years ago