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I used the Sybex books, but that was for Oracle Release 9i. Back then it required two tests to pass to become OCA - 1Z0-007 and 1Z0-031 - now it's "just" one test for 10g.
If you're looking for good database books I can personally recommend all books by Thomas Kyte, such as "Effective Oracle by Design" - he'll help you avoid common mistakes on every-day problems like resultset paging and the like. Afaik is this Tom "the Tom" behind asktoms Oracle questions.

However, good luck!
... so do I. Seems like they've got some trouble ...
could you please post some information about the difficulty of the -007 and some preparation hints please? Like how much time you invested for preparation. Did you take the online-version or a prometric center?

thanks a lot.
as fas as I know there is only a german language book on preparation for the OCUP Fundamental exam. But I guess reading the UML specs will be quite enough, as the scope of the exam is defined quite well.
You can find some example certification questions at this link - the pages are german, but the questions are english.
I guess it's about the nature of the data you're expressing in xml. if you've got document centered xml data - DOM means document object model - such as atricles and books you would generally refer to DOM. if your data can be easily presented as a tree, you'd also pick DOM, because it makes tree traversal easier.
If your data is small and structured and can be easily transformed into java objects, you'd pick SAX.
remember DOM will build up a tree representation of your xml and keep it in memory, beware of huge documents and memory exhaustion.
Dear Ranchheads,
This morning it took the SCWCD with a score of 75%. Could have been better, but wfc and glad to have it.
I used the book from Deshmukh and had a peep inside the HFSJ. I'd recommend both books, whereas HFSJ has better - deeper insight - mock questions but a crap layout. Reading both is my recommendation, as well as taking as much mock exams as possible.
I scored really low on "Structure and Deployment" (50%), "Web Container Model" (57%) and "Session Management" (57%), the rest was always around 80%.
The questions where a bit harder than those in the mock exams, they seemed more confusing too me.
I'm not opting for Java certs in the near future but if so I'd go for SCDJWS or SCEA.

Have a nice time!
i guess, the efficiency issue here is more based upon effective application design things. it might be simpler to write a simple HTML tag instead of out.println(HTML tag).
modelling like that your servlets act as the controllers and the entry-way to your business-logic (aka beans) while your jsp (which gets translated into servlets, yepp) stays quite simple and can be read/customized by e.g. webdesigners that have no clue about java programming at all.
a quickfix in design will not make your application break down, as the logic stays intact.

the choice of a study guide is not that easy, i personally found the hfsj layout to confusing, but the mock questions are superb while the "SCWCD Exam study kit" was an ok book which could sport more mock questions.
Just buy one book and head for those free mock exams on the net. For preparation you will need nothing but tomcat 5.5.x and an ide that supports web-projects (servlets,jsps), such as eclipse.
regarding my post in another thread: i didn't say java web components will become obsolete in a few years, I just mocked about "better future" of certain technologies because it-standards behave in funny/political ways and THE technology of today may become old crap in a few years. That's why it-learning is always good but don't go for the narrow-minded "java ueber alles"-attitude, focus on one big thing and suddenly realise that everyone else is using the stuff from the dark side. Be prepared for technology changes, stay open-minded and become versatile - that's my way of surviving in a bull it-world.
I'm personally going for scwcd because it's an nice-to-have and although I am using jsp/servlet stuff at work there was (and still is) a lot of details I did not know about until preparing for the certification.
If I were you I'd go for scwcd first too get acquainted to the muddy waters of web programming before jumping into web services.

whatever you do, just do it.
the usebean tag represents nothing else but:

String name = new String();

So <% out.println(name); %> aka <%= name %>
or some J2SEish System.out.println(name); shouldn't be too much of a problem.
sun stores your id and cleared certificates in a database. You can entry the certmanager ( and have a look. without being scjp first you should not be able to book the scwcd exam.
i think whatever you personally find more interesting is the cert you'd better be taking. whatever people tell you about "better future" always keep in mind that possibly some super-language/the-code-generating-supertool will make servlets/jsp/j2ee obsolete in some years, so better think about becoming an it-allrounder but another niche-nerd.
i think today j2ee is still big and web-services (soap) are on the rise so maybe take both exams and see where it'll get you.
You can't use the german umlauts (such as ������ and �) in XML documents, you'll have to replace them with their HTML-style equivalent.
The HTML-style for "�" is "&_Auml_;" (underscores "_" added to prevent interpretation of HTML characters), so give it try and built you funky XML's.

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I think the major difference between 1Z0-007 Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL
and 1Z0-031 Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals I, is that the first can be done from home via network while the other requires a prometric certification center.
i'd suggest "SCWCD Exam Study Kit 2nd Edition" if you're already familiar with web-development basics. The book is more text and less funky pictures.
i personally do not think SUN is gonna update the exam cram so _fast_, so pick a book and go for it, aight?!

I think the valuable information for a future employer is not that you actually are certified, it is more that you are (or were) willing to improve your personal skills by entering whatever-certification. You're signaling being motivated and willing to achieve something - wow.
According to my professional experience the more an employer is off the tech-spectre he will admire you being certified while most senior-developers with ages of development experience do not take care of fancy certs but ask those mean questions that make your head smoke.