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Recent posts by Marc Luzietti

I'm an action script noob, so be gentle.

I was given a file and told to make the xml path an external variable. This is the code I have:

Now, on this page (, what I want to do seems to be rather simple. But I don't know how to modify this script to make it work right.
14 years ago
That much I know how to do. How do I export everything out of the file, i.e., how do I make everything external?
14 years ago
The powers that be want me to take an fla created by another agency for our company, and export just about everything from the file: images, urls, code, xml.

And I have no idea what I'm doing.

I'm using Flash CS4 Professional on Snow Leopard.
14 years ago
I'm working on an internal web app to be used in Emergency Rooms.

We want as much real estate to work with (we will require monitors of a particular size and resolution).

Is there a way I can force the application to load to in full-screen mode? Requiring users to hit F11 is not a valid answer, as it adds a step before doctors, nurse, etc. can start documenting patient's issues.
I got a simple script for show/hide. I click on an anchor, it shows or hides content. Problem is, it doesn't fire on the first click, but on the second, and occasionally the third. I want it to fire on the first click. I'm using prototype for the $() function, which equals document.getElementbyID.

Hmmm. I don't control the other pop-up. It's a different application.
It's got one. It's there in the code, "Flagship"
I have a simple pop-up function. When it opens, if there's another open window, it opens in that window, rather than its own. Is there a simple way to prevent this?

The first one didn't work. That was my original solution. I added an alert to display style2 and it was undefined. When I cut style from it, I got [object]

The second one might work.
I tried a different route, and called a function on the window.opener

I'm trying to hide a style on the popup window's parent. It's not working.

IE 6 is telling me the following code is missing a semi-colon, but I don't think it is. I think the problem might be in line 4.

The use of a framework, let alone which framework, is not up to the poor HTML / CSS / JavaScript developer, i.e., me.