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Recent posts by Karan Shah

Today gave the SCEA Beta exam.

Exam was very lengthy and loose concentration at end of the Exam.

This exam is neither hard nor easy. Some question you must have to needed some real experience.

I got the question
on two tiers and n-tiers Architecture
Conman atrchitecture,
Design pattern- need to read definition and cons/pros,
EJB 3.0, mainly the WebServices with Stateful Stateless, transactions
Question on JPA and JMS-needed handful knowledge
Couple of OOAD questions.
So many questions on JSP And JSF
Good amount of questions on Securities (SQL injection ,Types of Hacking)
I have register this exam at Seed infotech,Pune and also next day i got the confirmation of this exam by email.
I agree with you Theodore Casser. I think i will go with current version as per my schedul.

I'm planing to give SCEA Part-1 next month of 2nd week. should i wait for some time or i have to go with current version?

Congrats!!! awesome result and Thanks for your tips.
congrats!!! thanks for your notes.
For SCEA EJB version is 1.1.

Best regards,
congrats!!! Awe some result!!
Find the details regarding books on below link:


Best regards