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Recent posts by Jacek The Java Newbie

A typical h:message will display a common error like:

"firstName": Value is required.

This of couse looks very unprofessional, since the field name is taken directly from the name of the property in the backing bean. A pro error message would say:

"First Name": Value is required.

and the "First Name" part of course would be internationalized.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to make this happen! I always get this ugly, unprofessional error message instead of a nice, polished error where you can pass the proper label for a field, instead of just using the raw field name.

How can this be accomplished.
16 years ago
I defined a simple DynaValidatorForm:

Have an action that uses it:

Set up validation.xml to make "personnelID" an integer:

Properly hooked up the Javascript in the JSP:

The client-side Javascript validation works perfectly. No issue there. But, if I disable Javascript in IE and try to test the server-side valdidation, nothing happens. It happily gets to my Action even though I have entered a non-integer value into the PersonnelID field.

Help! I am losing my mind trying to figure out where is the problem in the myriad of Struts XML files.

P.S. I am using Netbeans 5.0, using its Struts support. So the web.xml and validation-rules.xml are all configured and set up properly (I believe).
[ February 07, 2006: Message edited by: Jacek The Java Newbie ]
16 years ago