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Before such discussions tend to go nowhere, getting the basics right will help everyone understand your colleague�s point of view.

What you are suggesting is that while migrating Entity Beans (EJB 2.x) to JPA Entities (EJB 3.x), you will create helper classes to ape Entity Bean�s Home interface which you think will leave you & the application with incredible performance gains as against following the best practice of encapsulating Entity Home interface functionality within Stateless Session Beans (SLSB).

To that, I can only say - let me be the last one to remind you that Session Beans in EJB 3.0 are light-weight POJOs. As light as POJOs but only smarter! Hence I don�t buy your argument that usage of SLSB 3.x will make your application �heavy�.
To quantify my argument, have a look at this myth-shattering performance benchmark comparison between EJB 3x. Vs POJO(non EJB):-

By the way if performance is the only criteria, I am still wondering why do you want to create one helper class each for every Entity Bean Home Interface when you could easily avoid this memory baggage by having your application code rewritten to work directly with the entity manager API?
But ofcourse, now the trade-offs between loose-coupling Vs performance will strike you!

Additionally on the issue of memory overhead, you need to be reminded that App Servers are smart in maintaining a pool & don�t create one separate SLSB instance for every client but in the case of helper class you are on your own to guzzle.
Not that you should care less, but I feel focusing on how to save little memory footprint is certainly not of any interest to the clients who have already spent huge sums for license of App Server & related infra coz after all we are talking about memory which costs hardly $20 for 1GB on

Coming back to core issue, I hope your colleague must have mentioned about this free tool to automate the conversion of Entity Beans 2.x to JPA Entities thereby saving substantial efforts & cost so that you can enjoy a vacation to Hawaii or Chennai (as the case maybe). Have a look:-

Finally, some goodies of putting up SLSB as Entity Home Interface is that it can be looked up from JNDI just as the entity home was previously and can use a similar interface in order to minimize application code changes. Also, @PersistenceContext injection doesn�t work in dumb helper classes besides having no support for declarative transactions, security & other container services available to EJBs. Even from Testability point of view, with SLSBs doubling up as Home for JPA entities, you will be able to break entity service completely away from the application code and unit test it (including distributed & clustered env). It will also be possible to inject stubs or mocks at appropriate places and do limited integration testing.

Chill !
[ June 08, 2008: Message edited by: Prashant Tejura ]
Gujarat cities like Ahmedabad, Gandhingar, Vadodara are coming up faster.
15 years ago
Even T-Systems has tied up with Symbiosis. I feel T-Systems is for sure better than BMC
16 years ago
Infy is no doubt better than TCS,Wipro,Satyam,HCL etc. But frankly, its no more that elite that it used to be 4-5 years ago since they too have started mass recruitment in recent years and any tom-d-harry-brinjels-and-tomatoes can get into it. I would rate it as the one of the most process stringent companies with better ppl in leadership chain than other indian MNCs.
16 years ago
My non IITian friend with 4 yr exp on J2EE,Struts,EJB,WebService +SCJP,SCWCD,SCBCD,SCDJWS is getting around Rs 9 lakh.

Their interview is mainly on EJB,SOA,WebService,database.
16 years ago
Agreed that for SLSB, remove() doesn't force the Container to invoke ejbRemove().

But there is only one common EJBObject interface thats applicable for both SFSB and SLSB where method remove() is defined as follows:-

public void remove() throws RemoteException,RemoveException
I have many friends in CTS,Pune who are tired of CTS and looking for a change. While my friends at LB,Mumbai are still happy and getting far better salaries.
16 years ago
Emptoris has decent work and pays well too. U should bargain with Emptoris.
SAS Global does NOT have decent work on J2EE.
16 years ago

The salary quoted by you is a little lesser than David's WEEKLY pay!

Forget IIMs, lets play football!
16 years ago
New Transaction boundry started by RequiresNew attribute on a method ends when that method finish its execution
patel bhai, kai company ma kaam karo cho?
SCEA karo to jordaar rehshe.
16 years ago
Even for a seasoned J2EE juggernaut, passing SCEA can take up to 8 months -1 year with job.

If you have that kind of adrenalin, it�s advisable to utilize it into SCEA.
16 years ago