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Recent posts by Joseph Smithern

Can I install NetBeans and develop web applications without any JDK or container on the workstation?
I will be building JSP/Servlets and Java Classes for web applications that will be hosted on a server with Tomcat container. I was hoping to build the web apps with NetBeans and create a war file to upload to our web server that has Tomcat 6.0.28.

The below JSP (using Tomcat 6.0.24) to fetch Intranet Username has always worked on Windows XP with IE.
Now that we upgraded to Windows 7 it no longer works. It now responds with IE generic message Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. Tomcat logs doesnt show any information or error messages.

Anything I can change to make it work using Windows 7?

13 years ago

R Srini wrote:Hi. You may already have found the answer. Your message

set xendorsed="true" on <wsimport>

is probably referring to this.

Thanks, I looked at that link and still cant figure out how to set xendorsed="true". What file do I edit this info?
13 years ago
I am using NetBean 6.7 to build client service using Tomcat 6.1.20.
Everytime I attempt to build it gives me back the message:

You are running on JDK6 which comes with JAX-WS 2.0 API, but this tool requires JAX-WS 2.1 API. Use the endorsed standards override mechanism (, or set xendorsed="true" on <wsimport>.

Can I correct this issue without downloading anymore software and how do I correct it?
I tried finding xendorsed in Tomcat and couldnt find it.

Please advise.
13 years ago
Please advise reasons for NullPointerException in a servlet dealing with request.getParameter in Tomcat 6.0.20.
The below does work where the city value does forward and show in my JSP (pageOne.jsp or pageTwo.jsp).
But it also outputs the printStackTrace() NullPointerException on this one line everytime: if(city.equals("Boston")).

The NullPointerException can be eliminated if I do this:
String city = "Boston" so I assume something is wrong with the request.getParameter.

I was also able to show the city value without NullPointerException in the Servlet output page if I use the PrintWriter and comment out the conditions:

Please advise.
13 years ago
In my Tomcat 6.0.20 container I am using sun.misc.BASE64Encoder to get NTLM Intranet username and everything works. Unfortunately I get the below warning message after I compile the class.

It seems the sun.misc.BASE64Encoder is Sun proprietary API and is available from the rt.jar? I was wondering if I should put the rt.jar in my web app lib folder (\WEB-INF\lib) just in case it is removed from the jvm in the future?
13 years ago
Here is my original that did work with a String test value of "test":

Now I need to use real data which will be coming from the ArrayList targetItems I showed earlier.
13 years ago
I have this test working where it outputs the word "test" based on a calculated result:

Now I would like to stop using the String test (String targetItems = "test"; ) and put real data in using an ArrayList but my attempt outputs a huge array of info for each record:

Please advise how I can get this to work with targetItems ArrayList. Do I need another for loop inside my for loop?
13 years ago
Is there anything in JSP I can use that will allow me to authenticate a user similiar to our Windows Intranet Domain login. I would like to emulate our Windows Intranet Domain login where a user would use their Domain username and password to get in a secure web site. For ColdFusion I am doing it with CFAuthenticate tag and I assume there is something similiar for JSP since ColdFusion is written in Java.
13 years ago
I have a web form working great for a long time using Scriptlets and Bean in Tomcat 6.0.20.
Now I would like to eliminate the Scriptlets and use EL instead.
Please advise how I can get the below radio input to work with EL in my JSP. All my attempts are not working.

Bean that worked with the Scriptlet:

JSP works with Bean and Scriptlets:

My attempt to use EL instead of Scriptlet does not work with any of the below attempts. None of my EL attempts show any checked value or the check shows up only at the last radio button only.
14 years ago
I need to create a site that will only have database updates around 1 or 2 times a day.
My Oracle driver is loaded in the Tomcat lib folder and I have connected to it before in other projects but cant connect to it using the below attempt.

For my connection I keep getting StackTrace error saying: jdbcDriver not found


DbManager class:

Db update class:

Please advise.
Just to make sure I am on the right track on my Windows development workstation because I really want to get out of scriptlets asap. I have EL working by changing my web.xml to the correct info that came in the Tomcat example apps.

Now I need to get JSTL working.
I downloaded JSTL 1.1 from Jarkarta JSTL

I see two files in zipped info in \jakarta-taglibs-standard-1.1.2\lib directory called:

I need to put these two files and put them in webapps\myAppName\WEB-INF\lib?

Then continue on as discussed in this tutorial?

14 years ago
Today I finally got the server admins to upgrade from Tomcat 4.1 to Tomcat 6.0.18.

Now I want to get rid of scriptlets and use JSTL and EL.
Does Tomcat 6.0.18 automatically come with JSTL and EL already set up or do I need to load anything in the lib directory or change settings for JSTL and EL to work?
14 years ago
I am using the below to insert a clob into Oracle 9i using ojdbc14.jar.
It works great and was wondering if there could be any future issues with how I am doing it with CLOB createTemporary and CLOB.DURATION_CALL?

[ December 22, 2008: Message edited by: Joseph Smithern ]

avoidance of escaping issues

This has been mentioned and I think it is a big plus to using PreparedStatement. Especially helpful with Oracle apostrophe escape and other issues. I cant see why someone would want to use Statement, unless they enjoy writing extra escape code in the database or client side or server side.
[ October 07, 2008: Message edited by: Joseph Smithern ]