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Recent posts by Frederic Esnault

Hi Cameron !
I'm wondering why the first book title you give is "Hibernate made easy" ? No idea?

Any way i saw a post of yours about Hibernate books and i appreciated your honesty, i'm in need of good hibernate books, and i was willing to buy the JPWH one, but i think i'll buy yours too. As you said on the Hibernate forum, I guess having both of them is a very good option.
Congratulations, happy to have been helpful
OMG feel sooo obsolete now, with my oooold certifications
14 years ago
Congrats ! Glad to see i was of any help for you too !

For Poonam Agarwal, you can find my notes here :
the file your looking for is scwcd_notes.pdf ( direct link : )
14 years ago
Congratulations, and I'm very happy to see my notes helped you ;)
14 years ago
I used the Head First series for my three certifications (scjp scwcd and scbcd) and i did not find a best book for certification study.
I would certainly point you in that direction.
Good luck for your cert !
Hi all !

wow, thanks Collins, I'm pleased my notes are useful to you. they were to me, and I hoped they could be to others too, that's why i published them. Thanks again !

I confirm that the link is still correct, and i will not remove my notes from this folder. Maybe i could just put a small HTML page to organize a little bit this folder...
Hi all !

Glad you found the link by yourself

Anyway, the website I created for sun certifications has been hacked and I didn't want to redo it.
But I kept all the document. You may access the directory there :

Sorry again
[ February 20, 2007: Message edited by: Frederic Esnault ]
Hi !

I have a question about RoR.
I'm a Java developper, using tools like Maven2 and using things like "convention over configuration" (even in my last development, for a dynamic class loading based on xml elements and attributes). I'd like to hear what is RoR understanding of the "convention over configuration" and how the concept is implemented. I mean how easy programming becomes if conventions are respected, and how fast complexity increases in case a configuration choice is made.

Thanks to you, and congratulations for your book
17 years ago

I used Whizlabs for every exam i took (SCJP, SCWCD, and SCBCD). Each time I was satisfied with the simulator and the similarities with real exam. I got each time a mark for my "Final Exam" very close to the actual mark i got on the real thing.

Enthuware is good also, but I prefer Whizlabs.

About books, this is good, especially if you use Head First series books, but you SHOULD use an exam simulator to train. Given the price of the real exam, it would be a shame to fail because you didn't buy a simulator....

Good luck to you all !
Yes it will.
ejbRemove may not be called when a time-out occurs and the bean is in a passivated state. That's all.

Hope this helps.
Hi all and hi Mohan,

yes the exam will contain some fill in the blank questions (drag/drop), and yes, they mention the number of answers to select (like your example : select two, select three, ...).

Sorry for my late reply, I spent a month in china, and i'm quite busy right now looking for a job in china( btw, if someone in china knows about a good opportunity... )

Thanks all for your congratulations !
Just go to my website (link in signature), in the SCWCD content, you'll find a formatted version of HF EJB errata.

Good luck for your exam !
OK thanks, it's seems logical that they do not focus on version number as it's not an exam dedicated to java users, but just wanted to know for my *future* part II needs.

If it's J2EE 1.3, this means EJB 2.0 may be used. Why they talked about 1.1?
Congratulations, Ankit ! (didn't see this post :roll: , couldn't leave it there without an answer from me he he )
18 years ago
As i told you, I'll be very glad to receive your comments and update my notes to make them better. Thanks for your feedback
18 years ago