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The architect could be employed for one or multiple of roles,
1) Guiding an implementation through a complete development lifecyle
2) Proposing some structural changes in an existing system without much interruption/cost.
3) Training and mentoring of people in complex framework such as J2EE towards some corner-stone end in project development.
4) Align strategic business needs with that of technology.
These are 4 common. There are many more, and they go along with the needs of any enterprise that takes its IT infrastructure seriously.
The application server is using the EJB 1.1 specs. So the context this question positions itself in is clear enough.
Containers are yet not sophisticated to the point of doing this mapping efficiently.
Additional note:
While, the promise of encapsulating the queries in an access object is that you have 'loose coupled' your entity beans with the data query, insert and update chores. Complex data types needs additional scrutiny of this access object code. Ofcourse the tradeoff here is that you make your queries more efficient manually, plus the management overhead of life cycles of objects in your application.