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Recent posts by Adrian Ferreira

I know how to implement digital signature using JAAS API. Now I need to integrate my application to access certificates stored at hardware token, in fact the Rainbow iKey 2032. I have searched hard but I still have no idea of the process or the API that can be used.

Thanks for any help,

19 years ago
For us in Brazil, normaly Amazon or Bookpool is the best option.
From Amazon:
Item Subtotal: $31.47
Shipping & Handling: $12.98
Total: $44.45
International Shipping (averages 13-21 days).
I received my book after just 9 days. It is expensive for us but better than bying at bookstores.
No, you should take the exam as early as possible. That is what I read.

Also - who says that the ID attribute cant be numeric?

ID type must contain a XML name and a name must not start with a number. So, if you want to use a number, you need to convert it to a XML name, eg. preced it with underscore character.
Some parsers accept, others do not, Xerces also does not accept this.
It is related to that other question you posted: "Xml quick reference" is correct an you can't reference parameter entity inside other intern subsert. Some parse accept this but is may not be assumed.
Hello Shoba,
You got some mistake, the most important was the lack of [b] #IMPLIED or #REQUIRED for the enumeration attribute. Are you sure your first example really works?
Here is your code with some corrections, I think it you help you understand.
Hi Vikrama,
Item a) is the problem since it is true according to Larman (pg. 144) but incorrect according to IBM ICE test. As you can read above, Preuss also agree that item a) should be wrong.

In specification perspective, the diagrams are interpreted as describing software abstractions or components with specification and interfaces, but no commitment to a particular implementation (for example, not specifically a class in C# or Java).
Larman, 2nd ed. pg. 144

May be one interpret this different but IIMO, this is another question that is not really important in the exam. Many questions in ICE exam looks like this one.
I add these two suggestions for the list of excelent material to prepare for the exam.
Larman's book notes from Ezequiel at ObjectsByDesign Forum and also thisresource from Larman's homepage.
First, I say many thanks for all you Ranchers that make Internet resource even more interesting.
Today I passed IBM 486 exam with score of 67%, the minimum required for this exam. The only problem is that I had no time to review my answers.
I read Larman cover-to-cover without any review but I recommend at least a topic review. Now I am planing do this for the topics I have low score. UML Distilled, as it is very short, I read twice.
The real exam questions are the same leavel as those from ICE test but in real exam questions are better explained, there are few not so clear explanation. Some diagrams are not so import, does not try to full undestant the exibts before reading an discovering what is really important in diagrams or text.
If you plan to take the exam I advise you to concentrate on IBM objectives and IBM ICE questions. Try to catch what is really important in each question and there are many questions you can preview if you "read between" ICE questions lines. Always ask yourself if you are able to recognize the IBM objective related to each question and try to apply concepts to other scenarios. Also, avoid spend long time discussing some question from ICE question, you can search this forum to see that some questions are well known as silly and without much importance.
Thanks you all,
I return to this post to agree with Preuss and to clear some point I miss before.
I found that IMB ICE exam consider that specification model is language dependent. See this question and the correct answer.

Which of the following are TRUE about interpreting class diagrams from
different perspectives?
a) Specification perspective class diagrams are developed without considering the programming language that might be used to implement it.
b) The conceptual perspective class diagram of an application would not include all the classesr equired and their details, rather, they would only identify domain classes.
c) In the conceptual perspective, associations represent relationships between classes, whereas they represent responsibilities in the specification perspective.
d) Operations (the processes that a class knows to carry out) should be used in conceptual models to specify the interface of a class.
Multiple Select - Please select all of the correcta nswers (this question has 2 correct choices).
Answer: b, c

This is a trick question to me and again ranchers helped a lot.

Besides the fact that you are obviously already restricting the specification to OO languages - would you also say that the *appropriatness* of the specified design is independent of the fact of how MI is supported by the language?

You are wright, I talking about OOA&D to be implemented in OO language.
There is no fixed rules to define specification or implementation perspective model. I think your question make sense but I prefer to see specification as interfaces for classes but not how it will be mapped to any language.
May be you take my specification model and would like to see more details, it is more personal than techincal point.
Note that every typed language should provide multiple inheritance, if not for classes, at least for interfaces. Java is an axample for the later language group. So, your specification model, that describes only type, can be maped to any language.
Thanks Viki, now this concept sound better.
I have tried a lot but I can't make ant 1.5 to recognize task. I have already read ANT doc many times and also tried to rebuils ant from src but it did not solve.
The "optional.jar" is also at $ANT_HOME/lib.
This is the first line in the exception arised:

As far as I know, it would not be so hard, I have some problem and no more track to follow.
I appreciate a lot any help or tutorial to meke it work.
[ August 19, 2002: Message edited by: Adrian Ferreira ]
A singleton is an object like any other, first you design your class and after this you can transform it in a singleton. If you design your class using only static methods and statics attributes, you will be limmiting its usage.
For example, your singleton may also be modified to allow at most n instances. n = 1 is the most used.