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Recent posts by M Movilogo

Even 6-7 years back, there were very few good engineering colleges in India and that too mostly run by state governments. At that times, the entrace exams were very tough and only the best of the lot used to get thru. Naturally, all those graduates were in great demand in the industry.

Gradually, because of politics, lots of private engineering colleges started coming out in India. Anyone can pay a hefty sum and get admitted there. Now every Tom, Dick, Harry started becoming engineer in India! When I passed my engineering in India in late nineties, even less than 100,000 engineers passed out each year. Nowadays that number has increased multiple times. So, quality is bound to suffer!

The politicans are just creating more engineers and giving public false sense of "plenty of jobs" feeling.

Also, the top IT companies in India earlier used to conduct moderate level of screening during interview. Nowadays they set a target like "we have to recruit 100 personnel today by hook or crook".

Do you still doubt why the quality falls?
17 years ago
You need to contact similar fate people. What is the name of the company? You may send me a PM as I am in same boat

There is a discussion forum in Orkut named "TCS bond breaking".
17 years ago
TCS indeed has 90 days notice period and if you just returned from onsite it is 180 days [incredible!].

However, it all depends on case to case basis. Many people leave without completion for entire formal notice period.

A good company never tries to play tricks with who wants to leave!

Once you told your old company that you want to leave, the road there simply ended for you. They are just showing their naked attitude by trying to bully you.

Don't lose an opportunity by trying to win a losing battle! Starting afresh is better than trying to fix a broken thing.
17 years ago
less than 3 years exp => salary, brand name, better technology, onsite opportunity, my friend is going there
3-6 years exp => core technology, family reason, more responsibility, better job role
6+ year exp => change of lifestyle [no long hours], want to be boss in small co rather than run of the mill in large co

Usually switching every 3-4 years is considered good in the industry.
17 years ago
What's the furore if H1Bs are paid less?

Without H1B, ordinary Indians will not have chance to work in USA and enjoying a good lifestyle there.

Also, it ensures that lazy Americans will have to learn accepting "normal" wage depending on their capability else the job will go to foreigners!

When you do shopping, don't you look for best quality with cheaper price?
17 years ago
40-50k is on higher side.
30-40k is more realistic.
17 years ago
I appeared in TWI interview 2 years back. Then they told me that they did have onsite opportunties, but unlikely to go beyond 3-6 months.
17 years ago
OCP Training in India does not cost much - just few thousands rupees - contact Oracle for their training partner. SQL Star Intl. may help.
17 years ago
Do OCP in 10g - you need to pass just 2 exams!
17 years ago
First of all, you've got a very good offer on TCS scale.

Now, what Centre of Excellence it is? Oracle Apps? Java? .NET? What?

TCS has COEs in nearly all its centres nowadays

Believe me, the term COE is acutally simply "nothing".

At your experience level, if you are specially joining in COE purpose, you'll have following responsibilities (may differ depending on which COE).

* Writing proposals for new projects on your COE field
* Giving/Organizing training to new recruits on this field.
* Undertake project management jobs

Usually, at your experience level, people don't do "coding" in TCS. Depending on requirement, you may have onsite chances BUT, if you are offerred a very high position in COE role, you'll find it difficult to get release from the project.

Onsite is often a matter of luck (and some politics in higher level), so quite difficult to predict on that.

However, Pune is the TCS's best R&D centre - TCS's most PhD holders actually work in Pune.

If you are happy with salary and not dying for onsite immediatly, then I suggest you take this offer.
17 years ago
Large MNCs can't afford to take care of every employee! There will always be some rubbish jobs which someone has to do. So, those employees will become disgruntled and will leave eventually. All companies do plan about a certain percentage of attrition. I don't think it is practically feasible to take care of all employees and ensuring that no one is dissatisfied. In large companies, if an employee leaves, they don't really bother - they can hire someone more qualified on the next day.
17 years ago
+ closer to home, good public transport, close ties with Indian culture
- expensive, job market smaller than USA


+ cheaper, land of opportunity, higher standard of living, better job market
- no public transport, life in small towns can be boring, medical costly

Usually, people end up liking the place where they visit first!
17 years ago
Usually people offer less pay when they have no choice (either laid off or current company is in trouble). Joining ThoughtWorks from Microsoft [& with less pay] looks like a bit strange!
17 years ago
Join... usually big comapnies don't negotiate too much at junior level.... if you can get onsite Indian salary doesn't matter much
17 years ago
Good to join with.. .they pay more than average.... not much work... not good for settlement.. just 2-year old company.
17 years ago