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Congratz ....welcome to part 2
This one should be moved to Blatant advertising
16 years ago
Please take some time to go thru' the posts.You will find a lot of information.
Tunneling is used to bypass firewalls.
The basics of tunneling can be obtained at.
This can give you a starting point.


For using tunneling with java
I guess you are true for practical purposes.But this is an assignment , where the expectation would be to use EJB, I think the reviewers would be looking for EJB.I also tell my cleints that EJB should be used sparingly, even in clusters Web containers tend to perform better.
But the issue is persistance and data store management.When you want to persist data , web containers is ill equiped to take care of that , here in EJBs can be of much use.Session Beans and servlet controllers can be interchanged.But you need entity beans.You can pretty much use standard ORM tools like Hibernate but that is not recommended.In SCEA world it is expected that you should use EJB, JMS etc for you design assignment.

" Project teams are never 100% democratic ", one of my ex colleagues said that to me, and I found it to be absolutely true.Same here , may be there are better designs available, but the expectations here are like this.

I am going to try this out for my part2.
I am really sorry to say that this is not the right certification for you at this stage of your career.You can do SCWCD or SCBCD or the Web services certification along with SCJP.Typically the company you are working or even if you join another company, you will still be working as a software engineer or developer where your primary role will still be construction and design, but you will not be doing architecting.
This certification is for those who wish to become architects in the near future.I agree that everybody wants to become an architect at one time or the other.But you need to have a some years of designing experience to be an architect.

Please dont do a certification for the heck of it.Do it only when you need it.
I am sorry but this type of question will not be asked in the real exam.I mean not symmetric and assymetric keys.But the scenario told below.I have seen this scenario during my preperation of part1.Typically in whizlabs or other mock tests you will have it.The perspective is more social here than technical.
Please refer to Mark Cade and Simon Robert's comments on this aspect of security in their book.
In the SCEA there is no specific spec mentioned.The EJB version is 1.1 , which is old.Servlet , JSP etc is not a part of SCEA , but pls note you need to have concepts.
To architect an app or base infrastructure using J2EE for an enterprise .. lot of things needs to be known other than just J2EE .. its

1. Documenting arhictectural and design artifacts using standard techniques.
2. Security
3. Legacy connectivity
4. Protocols
5. I18n and I10n

etc ..etc..

and most importantly where to use J2EE and where not to.I am not saying having development experience in J2EE(whatever version) does not help in SCEA, it sure does.But the most important thing is being able to be able to design and defend one's design and architecure against questions and critics.So only J2EE does not help here .. you need to know something more than this.Pls remember architects are not normally junior people ..mostly they are pretty senior guys with many years of experience.To many them J2EE is a new kid in the block.So imagine you are in a meeting where you are along with a couple of CORBA architects , Security architects , Host architects and network architects.Things can get awkward when you say that J2EE is better than others but cannot tell why you should not use CORBA and use J2EE instead but cannot give a proper reason why? Here the version of J2EE is not important..but concepts like RMI/IIOP/JRMP/Tunneling etc etc are more important.
So it is important for those who are appearing for SCEA to understand that the perspective is architecture and [bold]not[/bold] spec.

Can you please let me know that does each
question in exam specify how many choices are
correct.(For example choose 2 or choose 3 of the

yes it does.

Is there is any short answer? or all are Objective type.

All objective type.

I do not think much is going to change from2nd to third.