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Recent posts by paul ms

I am considering of saving only paid itineraries.
a)Since 'Change itineray' specifies of returning list of
itineraries, So atleast make sense of getting from cart.
b) Don't wanted to get into clean up flows if persisted unpaid

So my cart has itineraries created by customer/travel agent during the session

Question 1:
The use case flow is continues like prepare tineray and ends up in paying.

So just concerned can we make assumptions the user will add itineraries to cart and then do payment.

So steps 1 - 7 in prepare itinerary use case will be repeated.

Any input guys..

Hi Ricardo,
Thanks for your reply.
I thought about it a lot and below are my inputs
Let us consider the flow
BD - > SFSB(Session Facade) - > Entity Beans
In the above case
a) Session Facade(SFSB) will have more methods(not a good
idea)and one that will be difficult to maintain
b) This SFSB must have remote interface
c) The basic responsibility for a facade would be to
1) Manage worlflow
2)Manage conversational state
I decided to maintain session state in SFSB since it is J2EE blue prints best pratice. So the state is shifted to SFSB behind SLSB
d) I don't want to have say 4 SFSB as session facade based on modules(again considering the number of instance based on concurrent users) but would appreciate your valuable inputs, since i am

In the apporach
BD - SLSB(Session Facade) -> SFSB - > Entity Bean
As I stated there are 4 SLSB based on modules and all these are accessed via remote interface
The reson for having session facade as SLSB is based on the pet store approach but slightly different
In petstore Business Delegator calls processEvent method on EJBController thru it remote interface. EJBController calls corresponding EJBAction class. EJBAction class actually does the business processing(Work flow).

As i stated above Session Facade should
a) Manage workflow

So taking pet store approach does not jusity, since EJBAction class does the business processing(Work flow) whereas facade acts as factory
to call appropriate EJB Action class.

So I decided to go for SLSB (Session Facade)and as I said I have 4 Session Facade based on modules. The methods in this session Facade does business processing(Work Flow) calling SFSB and entity bean to accomplish task.

But regaring passivation and activation current App servers has the best approach to provide performance mananging SFSB instance utilized effectively. But even then ...

Let me know your thought guys


My current design as

Business Delegator - > SLSB(Session Facade) - > SFSB - > Entity Beans
Entity Beans

I have
a) 4 Business Delegator(based on modules)
b) 4 Session Facade(Stateless SB) (one - one with BD).
c) 2 Stateful session Beans
d) 5 Entity beans

I wanted to have SFSB behind Session Facade, since i decided to maintain state in EJB layer rather than web layer.

My question is that

a) Should I put all the methods into 1 SLSB (Sesssion Facade). I basically don't wanted to do it since session facade will grow with more methods
b) Each of the methods in facade interacts with the Stateful Session Beans and Entity beans to accomplish tasks.

Does the above design decision makes sense.

Please let me know ur input guys


Basically there are 2 things in the requirement.

a) Simple Pricing model - Only First class and Economy class
b) Same charge for booking before 2 weeeks or on the day the flight journey.

Considering real time scenoria , the pricing model differs

a) Price is based on booking before 21 days or 14 days or 7 days
b) Depending on direct flight or with breaks
Note :In the case of breaks the price is little cheap than direct filght.

So as per my understanding

System responds with the selected flight price and alternative flight ...... means

System will display flights with different costs for the destination (with and without breaks). So price will differ based on the breaks.

So direct flight from A - C will be say $300
and breaks A-B and B-C will be say $250.
I am considering the above to be within an hour difference for departure and arrival

Any thought guys