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Recent posts by Sivakumar Varadharajan

I just represented firewall as solid rectangles with text Firewall written on it.
Its better that you remember all the important class names exactly as in your UML, I just struggled to recollect some of the names during my essay exam, it was a confusing If I had named the class PaymentManagerBean or Just PaymentManager. I took the exam a week after I completed by design part.

you would be required to refer to classes in your design in the essay exam and any deviation would make it difficult for the evaluator to follow your design.
Detailing is always better, you may have different risk aversion techniques for each of the expected security risks and detailing would give you oppurtunity to explain them all. You can put them all under 1 risk titled security risks with sub titles to listdown specific risks.
Yes, I have seen it mostly for connecting with Legacy Mainframe systems.
Hi Anurag, I would preferabbly have a delegate bean or some sort of proxy class to interact with external system. Such classes would abstract the external system communication to your business tier. I wouldnt let my business tier EJB directly interact with an external system.
I did not have getters or setters in my class diagram and I passed..
Great work! Congrats
13 years ago
What does your integration tier do if your business tier(I am assuming EJB you are referring to is in business tier) talks direct to external systems? If your ejb acts as a delegate or as proxy you can show that in the integration tier otherwise it doesnt deserve to be in integration tier..

Hi Sivakumar,

Congratulations! You have passed the Sun Certified Java Architect for EE5 certification. You are among the elite 1% of certified Java professionals who have gone on to achieve the Java Enterprise Architect certification.

Your certificate package is being processed for shipping. Look for a certificate in the mail in approximately 4 to 6 weeks.
Thank you for all your efforts with this certification, and good luck in your future endeavors with Java.

Please let us know if we may provide further assistance.

OCP Team

I am a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect! After few days of continues refreshes of my inbox, finally came the great news..

I can say for sure I couldnt have done it without this forum.. Thanks every one here.

I am a budding architect in profession, and the exam was not actually very difficult. First part was pretty easy, if there is any difficulty I would say it is in understanding accurately the assignment in second part...With no one correct solution it was bit difficult to crack. I passed my part one in december 2009 and purchased assignment voucher some where in March. Took my essay exam on 06 Aug and submitted my assignment on 9 August. I had my fingers crossed for about a week until I saw the above mail. Thanks to Oracle, they have now streamlined the whole assignment evaluation process, I got an ack for my submission, Later I got another mail when they had sent it for evaluation and finally the result.

Thanks to every one in this forum, all your responses and experience helped me a lot.

Its time now for me to answer to others who are in preparation I guess, I will try my level best.

13 years ago

Dmitri Ericsson wrote:That's a domain model, it has entities and they mean business point of view. In class diagram it is clear that they will be represented by the single object (or their hierarchy of different behavior is needed) with the type

Thanks Dmitri, agree with you and thanks for the response, but I do not understand your point with in the brackets can you help to clarify please
Hi I am working on my part 2 assignment and face a scenario. My assignmnet is an E-commerce system trying to sell a product and there are multiple types of same product, like FlavoredCigar, PetiteCigar etc ,assume all are just different types of Cigar.
BDM shows all these product types as individual classes. While all these products are different assignment, does not have any differential treatment for any of these products.

Also system would need to interface to other merchants through interfaces and I believe even if I have individual classes to represent each product in our system side I would have to use a simile order interface that would take only product type and count for order at max.

With no individual treatment required for each of the product type, for me it makes more sense to have one product interface and one concrete class called product to start with, type of product just becomes an attribute to the class. But this will not match directly to the BDM provided. If all my code operates on the interface my system is still designed to work in future when a new product class that needs a differetial treatment is required?

Any suggestions are welcome.
To add to it,

K&B was the only book i studied along with few mock exams here and there.
Thanks K&B
18 years ago
Hi Guys/Gals

I cleared SCJP 1.4 with 90% few days back. Thanks for all your support. Planning to take SCWCD in couple of months. Looking for your continuous support.
18 years ago