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Recent posts by Nikos Stavros

hi, may I ask something?

using base dir for messes up things like this which are supposed to be unaffected because they are absolute ones.

<taskdef name="mxmlc" classname="flex.ant.MxmlcTask" classpath="${FLEX_HOME}/ant/lib/flexTasks.jar"/>
<taskdef name="compc" classname="flex.ant.CompcTask" classpath="${FLEX_HOME}/ant/lib/flexTasks.jar"/>
<taskdef name="html-wrapper" classname="flex.ant.HtmlWrapperTask" classpath="${FLEX_HOME}/ant/lib/flexTasks.jar"/>
<taskdef name="asdoc" classname="flex.ant.AsDocTask" classpath="${FLEX_HOME}/ant/lib/flexTasks.jar"/>

Any ideas?
11 years ago
i tried this because my build file was non in the src folder and the complile task was not paths correctly, so I tried this:

<project name="nikos.custom.ant.builds" basedir="../src">

but then nothing worked,

saying stiff like mxmlc cannot be found.

<taskdef name="mxmlc" classname="flex.ant.MxmlcTask" classpath="${FLEX_HOME}/ant/lib/flexTasks.jar"/>

Any ideas?
11 years ago
cool thanks!
11 years ago
I see, man 3 days of ant programing for windows is painful!
11 years ago
hi again, any idea why this doesn't work?

<delete dir="${build}" excludes="*.cache"/>

my main.swf.cache file is deleted, while its folder in "${build}" is not.
11 years ago
thanks Pete, i decided to just build to local dir and use ant tasks to move them to deploy.
11 years ago
hi, this <echo>${deploy.debug}/main.swf</echo>

gives me X:/Inetpub/wwwroot/FLEX/debug/main.swf

but this:



gives an error:

[mxmlc] Error: C:\p4\\ant\=X:\Inetpub\wwwroot\FLEX\debug\main.swf (The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect)

C:\p4\\ant\CustomBuild.xml:48: mxmlc task failed

any ideas how to fix? the path is correct
11 years ago
what if ant is appending the location of the ant file to the path?

Warning: Could not find file C:\p4\\ant\=X:\Inetpub\wwwroot\main.swf} to copy.

11 years ago
opps, your right I was supposed to be using APP_ROOT
11 years ago
${project.home} for sure

its weird the same type of script works fine in another project
11 years ago
I have this script, but the files are not being copied over, even though tasks show successfully

<target name=""
description="copy CF files to test-server"
<copy todir="${deploy.coldfusion}">
<fileset dir="${project.home}" includes="*.cfm,*.cfc"/>

<target name="" description="copy CF files to test-server">
<delete >
<fileset dir="${deploy.coldfusion}" includes="*.cfm,*.cfc" >




ive debugged and still can't figure out whats the issue
11 years ago
Is there a plugin to get the incremental select features of IntelliJ crtl + w in eclipse?

Its such a time saver
I'm trying to start tomcat in vista but keep getting access denied, unable to open the service tomcat 7, what should I do?
12 years ago
I am new to JSp AND was wondering what this does:

<%@ taglib prefix="fn" uri="" %>

in this page

12 years ago