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People, please search the forum first before posting question. This problem has been discussed MANY times and already solved... You are usually not the first one solving some issue.
I modify the comment to be the javadoc comment. No problem with it. If you are really afraid write the reason to choices.txt.

I succeeded.
I think you would break the rule. IMHO the trouble is somewhere in you linux font configuration.

In addition I think that the fonts are something you can't easily get and distribute - somebody spent a lot of time creating it.
it is all written in javadoc.

1. Thread 1 locks record 10
2. Thread 2 locks record 20
3. Thread 3 wants to lock record 10 => wait
4. Thread 4 wants to lock record 20 => wait
5. Thread 2 unlocks record 20 and call notify()
6. Thread 3 wokes up, but it still can't acquire lock on 10 => wait
7. Deadlock - no notify will ever occur
You are asking for something discussed for million times...
Try to search the forum.
It depends on behaviour of your lock method. What happens if you unlock record 1 and the thread that jvm will choose for wake up (through notify) will be waiting for record 2? It could cause a deadlock...
For locking I'm really not sure. I know there exist blocking scenario when the same client would lock record twice, but I described it in choices and I didn't want to break the must requirements - there was something like the thread must block on already locked record...

For gui I make nice design with extensible framework, but without eye candies and comboboxes etc.
15 years ago
After eight weeks of waiting I received my results.

The maximum possible score is 400; the minimum to pass is 320. General Considerations (maximum = 100): 90 Documentation (maximum = 70): 69 O-O Design (maximum = 30): 30 GUI (maximum = 40): 29 Locking (maximum = 80): 44 Data store (maximum = 40): 40 Network server (maximum = 40): 40

Thanks to all of you, discussing the topics
15 years ago
I supposed that you are able to code after passing the programmer exam...
From my point of view: code, code and code Reading books is not enough (although it is useful)...
Of course you don't have to use ant. You can just use jar command with m option. If you want to use ant the jar task can contain manifest element - so you can configure manifest content.
I would recommend to place output of "java -version" there.
When a get mail from Prometric that I can download assignment (at start) there was also written that you have to request rights for upload. I do it when I finished my work and response was quite qick (10 minutes). No problem with upload then...
If you want to make help accessible _from_ your application you should make it _part_ of your application (jar). The separate file is not required if the help is placed in the application. So there is no reason to place it somewhere outside. If you really really want to have it accessible outside, just place a copy outside of the jar. It is not so clear, but much more user friendly (compared to user entered location of help file - really confusing "user who need help have to enter location of some file?").
Look at your web browser. Is it necessary to guess _any_ address when you click Help->Help Contents (in FF)?