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Recent posts by Pran Pal

Because...they decided not to.

I guess it's less confusing this way...
16 years ago

My email is ... if you are still sending your notes.

In the K&B 1.5 book, on page 68 (2 min drill), they wrote:

There are three access modifiers: public, protected, and private.
There are four access levels: public, protected, default, and private.

I'm a bit confused, Initially, I taught that both (modifier and level) were the same thing. But it doesn't looks like it.

What is the difference between an access modifier and access level?

I might be wrong, but doesn't 5555 can be placed in a float?

Also, if the number is too big, doesn't it just get truncated? and you get a warning for a loss of precision?

Like I said, I'm not 100% sure.
I think you are right, "size" cannot be accessed in:
No, they are not related to polymorphism.
I would say XML, it's not new, but it helped alot with webservices.
16 years ago
Next time, type this in google: "java api toLowerCase()". It's going to give you the link to sun's api, which contains all the methods with the description.

Originally posted by Sandeeep Vaid:
K&B is of Rs 400 only (In India).

400 rupees?!! Isn't that like 10$ us/cdn? What a bargain.