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Recent posts by Xiaoxiao Lam

Originally posted by Chetan Parekh:

I want to develop a small software. If you want to work on it, just send me an e-mail.

You will get no rewards, but the exprience.

Thank you, Chetan. I sent you an email.
16 years ago
I just finished SCJP and SCWCD exams. Now, I want to do more practice with Java. And I want to get some experience with some big projects. Any idea what I should do next? Do you know anywhere I can find some open sources projects, not necessary to join them now, but I want to read some real codes first.

Thank you.
16 years ago

Originally posted by Satou kurinosuke:

You should have tried harder


Thank you! I think there must be one Listener that I don't know about and it's one of the answers. I only know those mentioned in HFSJ. I will try to learn more.
I took the exam today. Before the exam, I believed that both of them don't need to be declared in DD. But in the exam, I met a question which made me confused. It asks for 3 Listener Interfaces/Classes that must be declared in DD, I tried to find 3 answers without considering both of these two kinds, but I couldn't. So, at last I selected HttpSessionActivationListener, too. I don't know if I answered that question right or not.

By the way, I passed the test with 85%. Not bad.

Originally posted by Satou kurinosuke:
I don't own the book. How is it written exactly ?

It's written:

Q: does the Tag File have access to the request and response implicit objects?

A: Yes! Remeber, even though it's a .tag file, it's gonna end up as part of a JSP. You can use the implicit request and response objects (if you do scripting..the normal EL implicit objects are always there as well), and you have access to a JspContext as well.

You don't have a ServletContext, though -- a Tag File uses a JspContext instead of a ServletContext.

--------It's exactly like this. Please let me know what you think. I will take the exam tomorrow... Thank you..
[ March 16, 2006: Message edited by: Xiaoxiao Lam ]
On HFSJ Page 500, Second paragraph, it says: You don't have a ServletContext, though--a Tag File uses a JspContext instead of a ServletContext.

But I know Tag File has following implicit objects:
out, request, response, session, application, config and jspContext

And application is of Type ServletContext. Tag File doesn't have pageContext, instead it has jspContext. Is it a typo on the book?

Please help me! Thank you.
I am confused now again when I read P447 on HFSJ where it says ${fooBean.notAProperty} won't cause an exception. Anyone can explain? Thank you.
On page 518 (Bullet Points) of Book HFSJ, it says:

"The getJspBody()method returns a JspFragment which has two methods: invoke(java.io.Writer) and getJspContext()that returns a JspContext the tag handler can use to get access to the PageContext API (to get access to implicit variables and scoped attributes)."

I don't think this sentence is right. PageContext class extends JspContext class. If getJspContext()returns a JspContext, we can't use it to get access to PageContext's Fields. Or I misunderstood anything. Please help me understand this. Thank you.
I didn't put any other content including "<html><body>" tags in the html file at all. Both include and forward method didn't work. And once I changed the file extension to be .jsp, both of the methods work.

I am wrong. API says

it includes the contect of a HTML file too. So make sure you have a .html file

Yes, I had html file there when I used html file path and it didn't work. When I changed the html file to be a jsp file and used jsp file path, it worked.

Error Message when I used html file:


org.apache.jasper.JasperException: getOutputStream() has already been called for this response
[ March 14, 2006: Message edited by: Xiaoxiao Lam ]
Thank you, Chandu. I supposed it would work if we put the code inside <% %>, but when I tried it using the exact code as choice D, it didn't work. I changed the file "footer.html" to "footer.jsp", it worked. Do you know why? Thank you.
Here is the question for Q22 of the final Mock Exam:

Given that /segment/footer.html is a static page, which JSP code would you use to include static content in a JSP?

A. <%@ include file="/segment/footer.html" %>
B. <jsp:forward page="/segment/footer.html" />
C. <jsp:include page="/segment/footer.html"/>
D. RequestDispatcher dispatcher=request.getRequestDispatcher("/segments/footer.html");

The answers given are A and C. I understand why A and C are right. But my question is why D is not right? I want to know the exact reason. Is it because they should be inside <% %>? Or because HTML files can not be the argument of getRequestDispatcher()? (I tried it and it didn't work, but I don't understand because the document says it can include html files, jsp files and Servlets.) Thank you.
I think if the question asks for 1 answer, only C is right and if it asks for 4 answers, all are right. :-)