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Recent posts by Higgledy Smith

Does anyone know if Oracle will permit someone with an SCJP 6 take the OCPJP 8 Upgrade exam without first taking the OCPJP 7 Upgrade exam? Thanks.
I am trying to understand how to program a solution in trees. Somehow my gets lost between tree theory and applying that theory in code.

Does anyone have (or know a site) to a tree problem that I can use to learn programming trees, preferably a Java solution?

10 years ago

Deepak Bala wrote:I believe the answer is yes. If I remember correctly Sun was willing to reissue the certificate and card several times. I am not sure about Oracle's policy but they should be along similar lines.

Thanks, but what site or number do I make the request?
I passed the SCJP SE 6.0 on 11/22/2009. From Sun, I received a card showing that I passed, and was certified, etc. I kept that card in my wallet. Unfortunately, last fall my home was burglarized and my wallet was stolen. I did not remember that card until now (my employer asked to verify my credentials) Ha! That makes me sound like a sucking programmer. Anyway, can I get that card replaced?
I am reading JavaScript: A Beginner's Guide, Second Edition and stuck on setting DOM property (page 227)

The author specifically instructs the reader to set the the alinkColor property in a script in the head section of the html document. But this does not work. What does work is setting the alink property in the

Does anyone know why it is not working in the head section? I checked the book's eratta, but no mention this is an error.

Thank you.


Does anyone know how to populate a textbox based on a value the user selects in a comboBox? For instance, when a user selects "Choice A" from the comboBox, I want the textBox to be populated with the text "GOOD CHOICE". If user selects "Choice A", the textBox is populated with "BAD CHOICE". I am really stuck. Thank you. Higgledy
Thanks, Vlado Zajac. I would not have known getByName would take the ip as a string --the api does not saying anything about it. Thanks again.
12 years ago
I have an ip address, but need the hostname. To clarify, this is not the ip address of my localhost. I was thinking InetAddress.getByAddress(byte[] b) would do the trick. But several octets in the ip are greater than 127. For instance, (I made that up). I am thinking the people who designed this class would known this would be the case and have thought of a solution. Does anyone know how to get around the byte value limit? Thank you.
12 years ago
This is a question about double quotes in textArea form

My domain contains a description field, for free text entry in a form.

Suppose an object of my domain has description text which contains text that include double quotes.
The double quotes display correctly in the "Show View" but in the "Edit View" the double quotes display like this: "& quot ;" (I added spaces so that it displays the words and not the symbols.)

Why does this happen and how do I fix it?

Thank you.
I am running WLS 10.0 with JDK 1.5. I deployed my app, but it never comes up. However, the access.log in the server/logs directory is going crazy. I am not sure why since I am not doing anything other than "out-of-the-box" stuff with WLS and my app. But within 5 minutes of trying to hit my app, the access.log filed six files and started on a seventh before I shut it down.

The access.log contains the following line, repeated thousands of times:

IP Address is omitted as well as the App's name.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
13 years ago
This is an old thread, but I don't understand why Shiaber Shaam is not getting the expected new line in his output. Can anyone explain this? Thanks.
13 years ago
From the moose image, I think the people who own JavaRanch are getting iPads. lol! I had one on reserve but won't be able to pick it up since I am going away for the weekend. :-( It is my wedding anniversary.
13 years ago
Grails RichUI CheckedTreeView

Has anyone been able to get this to work? Or know of a good example? Thanks.
Thanks Cameron. What is the max amount of time allowed to complete part 3? Thank you.
Is there a maximum amount of time a person is granted to complete all three parts of the SCEA? Thank you.