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I would like to change the LAF of my app

which can be similarly achieved by the command line switch,

is working fine. My question is, is there a similar switch that set undecorated to false?

10 years ago
Of late I have been bombarded about JDK 7 left, right, up, down and center. A search on the www isnt giving me much info as to what I would like to know - Apart from being able to perform sorting much faster than 6, what advantages do I have of choosing JDK7 over JDK 6?
10 years ago
I have seen some books write

while others write

I was wondering which is better and why? What does the ? do?
Having followed the example given at I was able to run it successfully. A little modification however:

Throws this Exception:

I have Googled around but no fix I find. Any help please?
Thanks Rob. A little modification and all is OK

11 years ago
Hi Friends,

I have a problem when I try accessing a locale file from an absolute path.

I have this code:

It works well because I have the locale file as part of the packages of the application.


brings out this problem:

Any help please?
11 years ago

Ernest Friedman-Hill wrote:

nitinram agarwal wrote: why java has allowed this and why does not it generate compile error if we want to return some value from the finally block.

Indeed -- many people consider this a defect in the language specification. Some compilers -- Eclipse's Java compiler is one -- will warn you about this.

NetBeans also warns that

12 years ago


which one is it that we are to use? Javaranch says the former, many examples from Sun show the latter
12 years ago
Thanks! This is what I wanted:

12 years ago
Maybe I didn't communicate appropriately. let me use diagrams then.

See the attached figure. When the input dialog is initialised, it displays as in fig 1. My wish is to have it display as fig 2 UPON INITIALIZATION.
12 years ago
Hi friends,

How does one set a value of a JOptionPane's inputDialog to have a preset String in the input?

This code:

Displays the dialog correctly, but I would like the field to bear the old word as a preset string.
12 years ago
Ok, Here is my terminal output:

I now face this problem; The progress bar does not gradually update, but instead "hangs" till the updating gets to 100%, then it shows 100%

This is the updated code:

12 years ago
Thanks a million for the clarification, Joanne. That has worked.
12 years ago
Am making an application that downloads updates from the Internet. It should update a JProgressBar appropriately as the download proceeds. There is the point of interest:

Here this is the output:

Please, but why is it stuck at 0% then jump t0 100% yet the gradual progress is clear? Why doesn't it update?
12 years ago