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Recent posts by Aleksey Matiychenko

I would suggest couple of things.
First see if you really expect a java exception or a boolean condition.
If you can avoid java exception I would suggest doing that because using try/catch in a loop is very inefficient.
Second I agree with the previous post about creating your own exception and adding information into that exception within the loop.
At the end you want to throw your own exception.
19 years ago
IBM Websphere is #2 Enterprise application server that supports Enterprise Java Beans, Java Server pages and other J2EE technologies.
BEA Weblogic is #1 server that does all that but better.
I think that the only reason to get certified in any technology is to prove to yourself that you know it. As someone who often looks at resumes and interviews people I don't think that certification will get you a job. Particularly in this job market.
You can use some java script to do that but you cannot disable it completely as users still can right click and get the back button this way
21 years ago
I don't think you can do that with VB Dll. In general you could use JNI (which is a big hassle and unstable) to call C++ methods from Java. I don't think it works with VB.
One thought though. If you are developing code that relies on VB dll then you are not interested in platform independence and either VB or VC++ might work better for you than Java.
21 years ago
the simple answer is yes, using XSLT and a transformer alibrary. Checkout for xml/xslt libraries (xalan, xerces)
21 years ago
try formula1. (former tidestone,now actuate)
21 years ago
Does anyone know how to compare two XML files tag by tag using XSLT. What we need is to compare current day's file with yesterday's file and spit out differences in another XML file. Ideally all of these should be done in XSLT.
We have a session bean that receieves an arraylist of objects each one containing data for an entity bean. The session bean goes through the list and creates an entity bean for each object.
That works fine but what we want is to rollback all created objects if any one of them fails. I tried a few things (other then doing remove on entity beans):
1. Marked both entity bean and session bean for CM Transaction. Made the transaction attribute "Required" on both sides. Made Session bean implement SessionSynchronization.
In this case I can see transaction start but never see beforeCompletion or afterCompletion methods of SessionSynchronization fired. The entity beans are not rolled back.
2. Marked Session bean as BM transcation and wrote my own code to start and end transaction. That did not do much either.
Any suggestions ?
You may be able to sort of do that by opening up a modal window and see if it is possible to disable a close button through java script.
Just an idea. Don't know if it works.
21 years ago
that depends on what you mean by reports.
What exactly do you need to do?
21 years ago
you do not need appletviewer statement. Appletviewer is just a tool for testing an applet.
You do need to produce a right HTML code. If you use swing in your appltes you need to have java plugin installed and you need to create a right html (could be produced by HTML Converter) in you servlet.
21 years ago
You do not need InputStream in this case at all. You just write a string. Check the methods on FileOutputStream.
21 years ago
Have you checked the properties that you are using ?
What server are you using ?
21 years ago