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Recent posts by Leonardo Silva

I have coded a package and im trying to make the UML diagram by dragging-dropping the java classes to an empty Class Diagram, but JDeveloper do not translate the associations between the classes as specified.
Any suggestions?
How can I forward the control to other page considering that the jsdk 2.0
doesnt implements the forward method??
22 years ago
I dont know if we can compare them.
But which one is the hardest?
I know there isnt any certification books yet, but could you please list some books that can help us to get this certification.
I own the "Core Servlets and JavaServerPages" by Marty Hall, and noticed that it doesnt cover all objectives.
Low score but im happy.
Threads and gridBaglayout(there were lots of questions about it) were my weakest points.
IO were basically constructors based questions, i got 80%.
Lots of tricky flow control questions.
I want to report a software bug.
You do not need to click exactly on the checkbox to get it checked.
So, if the "exhibit" window (this is the window where some long codes are shown) is active and you click out of this window to make the question window active, once you clicked the checkbox wrongly selected.It seems to me that the software captures the row clicked and not the exact(x,y) mouseEvent position.
Dont know if I made it clear, but be careful.
22 years ago
why is the output i = 3?

class TestClass
public static void main(String args[])
boolean b = false;
int i = 1;
i++ ;
} while (b = !b);
System.out.println( i );
As RHE says at page 376:
"java uses two kinds of text representation:
- Unicode for Internal representation of characters and strings
- UTF for input and output"
However jq+ says that jvm uses UTF8 internally for storing identifiers etc...
private class Base {}
public class Vis {
transient int iVal;
public static void main (String args []){
The compiler complains about the access modifier in the Base Class. They have no inheritance relation and they are in the same package (as if it compile the .class files would be created in the same directory).
I am sick of rearrenging jq+ codes as it all comes in a confusing way.. Are the programs codes in the exam like that?
Or it follows the RHE pattern?
I remember i read about this in RHE but cant find it where.
the only thing to do is to instantiate you Sub class.
public static void main(String[] args){
Sub s = new Sub();
RHE page 230 Ex.6

public class TestThread2 extends Thread {
public void run(){
public static void main(String args []){
TestThread2 tt = new TestThread2();
I ran this code and confirmed boths lines from the run(); are printed.
I realized Calling yield(); only moves the running thread to the Ready state If there�s
a higher priority thread in the waiting pool. Can anyone confirm that??
>2) objects are eligible for garbage collection when the method returns
>Just understand,that the objects created in the method are local to that method,
>so are eligible for garbage collection once the method is over or is returned.
Humm.. but alpa...
RHE pg 178 says "An object created inside a method is likely to outlive the method invocation."
After that it says that the final variables of the method (constants) are copyed to the object just created and then
it(object) can access them(variables).
Considering this the objects are not destroyed.
Correct me if I am wrong

Leonardo Silva
I just cant get the tester to select the chapter questions i type into the command line.
java -jar -DquestionFiles = "xxxxxx.ser" tester.jar
where can i get a list of .ser files??