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Recent posts by kiran kumar

Hello lajava,
I live in Louisville,Ky.
>> Is there some place where the new person has to change the name of purchase etc? Do you stay in US? How do you plan to do the deal?
I dont think that there is anything like changing the voucher name from one to another.
You can deposit on to my Bank of america account or altenatively i can go with your idea as well.

Let me know if you are interested i can give my phone number as well.

-- Kiran
15 years ago
I have SCWCD voucher which expires on 11 august and i may not be able to prepare by then so i want to give away for discount price .i bought it for $ 200 which has got one free retake. I say, 25 % discount or best offer.
15 years ago
I have scheduled to take SCJP5 exam on 01/29 but unfortunately this week i am struck with work and i am not finding time even to go through the summary of the K & B book , So i cancelled the exam today . My question is can i be able to book it again before the voucher expires ?
I appreciate any responses . i am confused between reschedule and cancellation. Or please provide me a link where i can find that information.
Sid Remey,

Thanks for the posting.I meant just rough number of questions that we can expect,something would really help me. like if we can say, atleast there can be 4-5 questions from collections,threads 2-3.
Henry Wong,
i have updated my display name according to naming policy .
Thanks for reminding me.
I am taking the SCJP 5.O in two weeks from now.I would really appreciate if anyone from their experience can give approximate wieghtage for each chapter or topic.I mean which chapter to concentrate more before exam.
Great contribution to this forum from your experiences. I am planning to take test.Can you please send a copy to me