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Recent posts by abhijit Ohal

Currently I am working in Pune having 9Yr experience in JavaJ2EE technologies.
I am thinking of relocating to Bangalore. So I would like to know that approx. what CTC will be offered to me.
I heard comparatively in Bangalore city I will get more package than Pune.
10 years ago
There are many websites which publish most frequently asked java interview questions e.g.

Ask for project change if you don't like the work and technology.
Meanwhile search for job outside, get an offer then decide which option will cater your aspiration better in near future.
All the best!
10 years ago
Assuming you have good knowledge of java , you can crack technical question .
so be prepare of HR question like Next employer will ask question about your frequency of job change.
However i think you can try out each and every option in your current company and then if you can't satisfy you then try out outside.
10 years ago
Hello Ranchers,

I need a career advice , could you please help me.
I have around 9 years of working experience in Java JEE. I have developed and worked on variety of web applications using latest technologies like spring ,hibernate ,struts, web services etc…
However I think these are easily available skill sets and cannot boost the career in terms of momentarily gains that the people having niche skills can get easily.

So I am thinking of learning Tibco which will provide me benefits like more salary , onsite opportunities etc…

Please provide your thoughts and views?

Thanks a lot in advanced
10 years ago
Don’t worry,Internet broadband connection is good in metro cities.
I don’t think it will be problematic in cities otherwise how IT industries could be worked here.

There are various jobsites available in India e.g. Naukari.com,

Just do goggled for it you will get it

13 years ago
Here is easy solution for mention issue.

You can achieve this by submitting request to server using POST type of request.

If you are using links (<a href tags) in code then call JavaScript function to submit the request. <br /> <br /> In general POST type of request won’t be displayed in Browser URL (address bar) <br /> rel="nofollow">
13 years ago
Hello Ranchers,

i am getting following exception on server

I have verified the code & found that all the connections are closed properly.
i am also not able to reproduced this on my local system.
is there any solution this problem?
That's nice Arulk ,
where can i get this book?
Is it available in India?
15 years ago
Thanks a lot Mark & arulk
I know my question is general,As Soft Skill include many aspects
-Communication skills
-Writing Skills
-Presentation Skill
-Body Language
�.. etc
I know it will not be improve in one night, as it is continuous process.
In general most people say read newspaper & grammar book, Watch English News channel.
It helps, but it is not interactive communication.
My question is there any scientific way, we can improve rapidly?
Are there any sites, group, communities, and forums working on this front?
15 years ago
Most of the people have this question in mind that How to Improve Soft skills?.
I saw people who get highest success within less time than the technical persons.

I want to know that which are the various ways/things we can do in daily basis to improve Soft skills?
15 years ago
Hello Ranchers

I have done SCJP 1.4 SCWCD 1.4.
For next certification, I am little bit confused about certification sequence.
Which should I go first SCBCD / SCDJWS?
I have little knowledge about both EJB & web services.
Although I want to do both SCBCD & SCDJWS in near future.

Abhijit Ohal,
Hello Ben ,

Thanks Ben .
Yes , it is Struts application.
it would be great help you do so
15 years ago
In Action class, I have set one parameter in request scope using request.setAtrribute("status","true");
Now it is forwarded to one jsp, in that i tried to retrieve the parameter using
but i am getting that parameter as null in request scope of jsp.
it is not redirected it is simply forwarded to that jsp.

is it that the new request being created when forwared to jsp?
what should be the possible reason behind it.?

if i used session Atrribute it is working fine.
15 years ago