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Recent posts by tapeshwar sharma

If possible, I would like all my posts deleted as well.
Thank you in anticipation.
11 years ago
Considering that my last reply was removed, you may be right. I am at the wrong place.
Enjoy your party, guys!
11 years ago

James Boswell wrote:

People who are into mobile telephony can understand what I am talking about

Not necessarily. Just because someone has worked in mobile telecoms, why do you think they would know the structure of a database which is likely to have very restricted access?

Ok. Changed the subject line to make it more contextual.
11 years ago
I am trying to understand the GSMA IMEI Database structure for Stolen Devices and also looking for the right protocol/technology to access this Database.
People who are into mobile telephony can understand what I am talking about, or they can ask me for further explanations.
Others may kindly excuse.
To my knowledge,this structure is heavily used in UK so may be someone from that country can chip-in?
11 years ago

Erap Estrada wrote:Hey guys.

I've been out of the IT industry close to two years now and I'm having a hard time landing a job.

I'm taking an SCJP exam at the end of the month that I'm hoping it will help.

BUT, after that what's your advice on the next certfication should I take?

What are the skills that you feel are in demand now or at least in the near future.

Database? SCWD?

Thanks for the advice!

I dunno about you, but I 've been never been out of job throughout my career except the past 2 weeks.
It seems pretty bad. Btw, I am SCEA.
13 years ago
Like a good professional in US, you give a 15 days resignation notice, the boss takes it personally and lets you go that very day!
All of a sudden, he has no requirement for you and can't keep you at work for even a single day, let alone the 15 day notice period.
Is it common for people on contract jobs? I've had only 2 earlier and never faced any thing like that before.
Well, I can use this time to visit San Francisco, but that's not the point.
13 years ago
I am SCEA now as per the email from Oracle University !!!
1st part of my NY resolution is fulfilled now.
Thank you all the people at Javaranch. Specially Deepak Bala (very professional, unbiased advices) and JJ Wright.
Can anybody please tell me if and where do I get to see my score for parts 2 and 3 ?
Also, suggestions welcome to help me achieve my 2nd goal.
If there is one vehicle that I fancy driving, its the Hummer.
yeah, yeah, I understand the concerns about its cost, the fuel mileage etc. (that's why I never bought it), but look at it.
Isn't it a beauty ? Have you ever seen a sturdier vehicle on road ? It looks so yummy, if I had teeth that matched, I'd eat it.
I was hoping that the Chinese company that wanted to buy it might change something internally that would make it more eco-friendly. Sigh!
13 years ago
yeah, you all are right. As far as i don't hurt anyone, i got every right to unwind after a long week of hard work.
So people think its funny? all the better!

Thank you all!
13 years ago
I am 32 and I like dancing. Specially, when friends come over and we all drink a lot, I switch on my Bose and start shaking a leg.
Everybody does, no problem so far. However, my wife and friends tell me that I dance too wildly...like a teenager.
So, what exactly is age appropriate? Should I restrict myself just because people think its immature? Define immature.
13 years ago