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since Mar 10, 2006
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Recent posts by Mitch Miller

Thank you.
c:set was explained in following chapter.
14 years ago
Started with examples from HF Chapter 8. 2 beans: Dog, Person

Person has a Dog.
Added constructor to Person which makes Dog, so getDog() is never null.

Created html to enter new Person, 2 fields: name, dogname
jsp to read form has:
<jsp:useBean id="person" class="foo.Person" scope="request">

How do I use jsp:useBean with param="dogname" to set

14 years ago

Expression is blank, not "1".
Tomcat produced:
out.write((java.lang.String) org.apache.jasper.runtime.PageContextImpl.proprietaryEvaluate("${one}", java.lang.String.class, (PageContext)_jspx_page_context, null, false));

Tomcat doc says:
public static java.lang.Object proprietaryEvaluate(java.lang.String expression, java.lang.Class expectedType, javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext pageContext, ProtectedFunctionMapper functionMap, boolean escape) throws javax.servlet.jsp.el.ELException

expectedType - The expected resulting type

if "expectedType" is String, shouldn't it produce "one.toString()"

Similarly: ${one + 1} = "1" not "2"
I expected Integer to be automatically converted to int primitive.

Thanks for your help,
To Jay and all,
Thank you Jay for posting and validating.
You mentioned using "(Rational Application Developer)" for xml validation.

Sadly, I do not have RAD available.

How can I validate web.xml using Java?
e.g. once I put 2 error pages together, like this:

Java ignored 404/missing but used 500/error and I wasted lots of time trying to figure out why it caught 500 errors, and ignored 404 errors.

How could I find an error like this?

Thanks, Mitch
I missed that too.

Key is looking for '-' in variable name.

If it has '-' you cannot use '.' because it is interpreted as "minus."
Thank you Gopal for posting these errors.

I was also surprised that authors/publisher listed *no* errors.

I have found other errors, but have not reached test yet.
Congratulations VijayaBaskar Ranganathan on your fantastic achievement!
16 years ago
Congratulations John, and thanks for info.
I studied for 1.4 with specs, HF, Marcus Green, but never took text.
I found HF 1.4 difficult, want , will try Lyons, for new test.

Originally posted by John Donoghue:
This morning I passed the upgrade from SCWCD 1.4 to 5.
The test was 50 questions in 2 1/2 hours, more that enough time.
More design patterns than I expected (10-15%). As I read here, deployment descriptors and EL were definitely emphasized.
I mostly used "HFSJ 2nd ed", "SCWCD Study Companion" by Lyons, and Marcus Greens' web site.
If you have the time to read both books, I suggest HFSJ first and Lyons second. I found HFSJ is good at getting the basic ideas (the dumb Kung Fu movie stills helped me nail the choose-when-otherwise syntax), and then I had enough context to hang the details in Lyons. Lyons is very good and very complete.

Thanks to all the authors.

Thank you Ben.
I have not used this in awhile and had forgotten.
I fixed it by setting classpath to:
16 years ago
I cannot compile servlets with standard Java.
Tried copying Tomcat's common/lib/servlet-api.jar.

What files do I need to add from J2EE to compile?

Thank you,
16 years ago