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Recent posts by Sergey Zolotaryov

March 3 this year I passed another of my certifications. This way unusual, because I always get something like 89-92% and this time I managed to get 98%, missing only one question on Entity Bean Component Interface. Still wondering what was the question I missed

I've written my experience at my blog page, everybody is welcome to read.

And good luck to you all who are just thinking on certifying.
14 years ago
I did it. The preparation took about a week, I spent a seaside holiday with the book "SCWCD study kit". Good luck to everybody, who's going to take this exam. It was the hardest exam so far
15 years ago
I agree with Jeremy on Firebird. I have used it in one successful project, and if it were not for customer's rigid commitment to MySQL, I would use it in my next projects.
When looking for a free and reliable database which supports transactions I would highly recommend Firebird. I used it in one big project and it proved to be very fast and reliable. This db offers excellent concurrency and is supported on linux and windows, so its easy to develop with it.
WoW Thank you. I have managed to get the results. Here they are

The maximum number of points is 400, to pass you need a score of 320.

General Con: 100 88
Documentation: 70 65
OOD: 30 30
GUI: 40 28
Locking: 80 80
Data Store: 40 40
Network Server: 40 30
Total: 400 361

I was really amazed with locking, which I made very simple, using the standard concurrency utils.
15 years ago
I have passed the exam. But in the letter, which was sent to me, there is no record on what score I got Can anybody hint me on where to get it?

(Edited subject to indicate problem is fixed)
[ July 20, 2006: Message edited by: Barry Gaunt ]
15 years ago
Your problem is not the worst case, I think. I am still waiting for test results - for almost 2 months already.
I did that too however, there is no need for it, as my search algorithm is simple - match or not match. No trimming or otherwise manipulating the record data when searching. This way I think I am safe with either null or space padded values.

Thank you again.
16 years ago
Were the name and location comboboxes editable?
16 years ago
Thank you very much I hoped so, but doubted a little.
In my assignment it is not required. I do not include them in the final distribution. Though for the assignment I tried Test Driven Development, every method is covered by multiple tests - single and multithread versions for each.
I have a tricky question. I use ant to build and package final sumbission.jar, in order to avoid mistakes. The root of submission jar MUST contain the original db file provided. But ant updates the last modified date of the data file. Is the file still considered identical, or should I repack the database file manually, using OS copy (which does not update the last modified date)?
My point was not to do, what I am not supposed to do. You will have a greater chance of loosing points with a more complex approach. Keep it simple.

For a reallife system I would never invent any locking anyway. Its all written thousands of times before us.
Yep, but concurrent library does relief you of the burden of testing your locking code. Everything is so easy with this package, that there is no need to reinvent the wheel.
I avoided unexpected networking this way:
1. Created business layer object, which operates locally on the Data class
2. Created another object, which extends UnicastRemoteObject and implements the same interface that the object in 1 does. All the methods actually redirect to non-networked version of the business layer object.
3. Created a factory, which constructs either local or network business layer objects. In local mode I am guaranteed to use only non-network form. In networked form, only a network wrapper is needed (poin 2), but code is all in the non-networked version.