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Recent posts by Leigh Su

Thank you.

to Elangovan:

Originally posted by elangovan ganesan:
Could you please let us know how many questions you got from each topics.

I don't remember the numbers of questions in each topics. But from my report, I can guess about 3-7 questions in each exam objective.
17 years ago

Took the SCBCD exam this afternoon, passed with 87%.
It's the book HFEJB made me successful in passing it, so would like to say many thanks to Kathy and Bert. Also this site gave me much help during my preparation, I can always find answers of my puzzles by searching it. So again, thanks a lot to the great site. And Frederic Esnault gave us nice notes, thank you for the help, awesome job.

Here's my preparation:
1.I spent 2 weeks reading HFEJB at the first time, and did all the chapter coffee exams. Then spent 8 days reviewing the book, did exams again and made own notes and index cards. I studied full-time most days.
2.Did mock exams in jdiscuss and ejbCertificate.com.
3.Reviewed Frederic Esnault's notes and own notes, especially about ejb API, DD, life cycle and Bean Things.
4.When necessary, I checked EJB spec 2.0.
5.Checked HFEJB exams, own notes and index cards before exam.
17 years ago
Hi, ranchers:

Just came from test centre. Passed SCWCD 1.4 exam.

First many thanks to HFSJ authors: Bryan, Kathy and Bert. You give us so great book. It is easy to understand, as well as giving us lots of fun. It seemed I went through some scene of a movie (Chinese one with Kungfu, right?). Also thanks to this site. I got new exam info and help from ranchers here. And thank Frederic Esnault for the notes.

Here's my preparation:
I spent 30 days read HFSJ twice. Most 8 hours per day. At the first round, Did coffee exams of every chapter and programmed in Servlet, Jsp, EL and Tag. I reviewed the book and exams at the second time. I made notes at the same time. Spent 1 week reviewing and doing mock exams, also made notes for DD, TLD, JSP stand action and cutomer tag, also made index for key points, api and inheritance.

I did mock exams in test104, Whizlabs, Javaranch, Jdiscuss(Enthuware). Two day before real exam, I finished HFSJ final mock exam, score 70%, not too bad. I felt confident, so I didn't do mock exam any more.

Before exam, I reviewed Frederic's notes, chapter coffee exams, all the notes and index. I felt well during the exam, finished with half an hour left, and left 16 marked questions in the end. But I am little disappointed to see the score, only 68%. Sections in Standard Actions and EL even worse.

Anyway, pass is a pass. Now move to SCBCD.
[ June 20, 2006: Message edited by: Leigh Su ]
Hi all:

Today I checked the SCWCD voucher in Canada website, it needs CAD$240, but still US$150 in US website. I also checked the SCJP one, same thing. When I ordered the SCJP voucher, only paid for CAD$180. So the price was raised. So for SCWCD voucher, is there any discount or how can I get cheaper one now? Thanks for advance.

Best regards,
Leigh Su
Hi Gaurav:

Thank you for the reply again. What I mean is given another question, and it includes the above-mentioned C statement, there is another right statement. the request is to choose all right. According to this suppose, should I choose above-mentioned C statement?

Originally posted by Gaurav Gambhir:
As Jesus Angeles says, its right
"C is true because it is a general statement that includes both situations where the tag is nested or not."

Hi Gaurav:

Thank you for the reply. I fully understand that C is right comparing with other three choices. How about there's another right choice, should I choose it again?

Originally posted by David Jones:
In Page 554, Q12 is as follows :

Which is true about the lifecycle of a Simple Tag?
A. The release method is called after the doTag method.
B. The setJspBody method is always called before the doTag method
C. The setParent and setJspContext methods are called immediately before the tag attributes are set
D. The JspFragment of the tag body is invoked by the Container before the tag handler's doTag method is called. This value, a BodyContent object, is passed to the tag handler using the setJspBody method.

Answer : C

I also think that if the answer C include the class is nested, then option C is correct. This is because setParent is not 100% be invoked.

Hi everyone:
I have the same feeling with David. Can anybody clear the answer C? Or the answer C is wrong?



Originally posted by vandu matcha:
am i missing something??
or is it in the errata..i dont have any

Hi, Vandu

Actually, there is explaination within HFSJ errata:
[550] question 3;
Option C is invalid.
Unfortunately, that leaves us with a mock question that doesn't have a valid answer.

Originally posted by prabhu venkatachalam:
...The JSP containing this directive should not have any EL code evaluated by the JSP container
Eventhough In JSP, you add page attribute "isELIgnored="true"". That page can have EL expression, but it will not get evaluated(It will be consider as plain text.).

Hi Prabhu:
How about option D read like The JSP containing this directive should not have any EL code evaluated by the JSP container?
and option E read like This page directive will only turn off EL evaluation if the DD declares a <el-ignored>true</el-ignored> element with a URL pattern that includes this JSP.

So I think the answer is D.

Originally posted by sudhana madhu:
what is the pass % in the scwcd exam??

Hi Sudhana:

Check here: http://www.sun.com/training/catalog/courses/CX-310-081.xml, you can find more info about SCWCD.

Originally posted by Manuel Comnenus:
How does one review the correct answers to the exam on the accompanying CD? I completed the exam and was not able to view the answers. I could only see my score. Steve

Hi Steve:

Actually before you take Quiz or Exam, you can click OPTIONS button at the Main Menu, and change the options of Show Study Guides after each Question and Default mode for listing Study Guide. After you done the Quiz or Exam, you can show and save the Study Guide (include answer and explanation) as you selected. Do remember your answers won't be kept in the Study Guide, so write down your answers when you can see them.

When open the Study Guide, you can see Question n:m, the n replace the sequence of the question, the m replace the number at database (.dbf file).
If forget to save the Study Guide, you can still open the .dbf file using tools like Foxpro to see the answer and explanation in Ref field.

By the way, suggest LearnKey MasterExam to add a function like saving tester wrong answers with Study Guide or some file.

Originally posted by Manuel Comnenus:
Also, is there a place to report errata for the CD? I think that there are at least two mistakes in the quiz on the CD. I contacted LearnKey and was told to contact Osbourne. I never got a response from them.

I also haven't find the place yet.

Now post MasterExam 1 errata here: (number as showed in the database)
27 F A java.io.bufferedReader can be ... changed to A java.io.BufferedReader can be ...
74 G java -cp jars/cp.jar MusicPlayer changed to java -cp jars/mp.jar MusicPlayer because the question gives mp.jar
H java -cp /mp/jars/cp.jar player.MusicPlayer changed to java -cp /mp/jars/mp.jar player.MusicPlayer the same reason
[ May 04, 2006: Message edited by: Leigh Su ]
Hi Bert:

Can you check following places at your convenience:

1.p.27 Figure 1-2 con.goFast() uses R, while p.32 Figure 1-3 con.goFast uses I. The latter should be R
2.p.59 Volatile Variable paragraph: Chapter 11 changed to Chapter 9
3.p.421 last 2nd line: x+=" ocean" misses ;
4.p.463 within the 3rd paragraph: ... let's you add ... changed to ... let's add ...
5.p.528 2nd line: ... moofvalue() method, changed to ... getMoofValue() mehtod,
6.p.669 Answer of Self Test 8: A,C,D,E and F are incorrect ... changed to A, B, D, E and F are incorrect ...
7.p.684 Figure 9-1 map part: methodI() (or methodl()) changed to method1()
8.p.752 within Answer of Self Test 13: ... so it throws an IllegalThreadStateException. changed to ... so it throws an IllegalMonitorStateException
9.p.757 within Answer of Self Test 17: ... causes an IllegalThreadStateException, changed to ... causes an IllegalMonitorStateException,


[ May 03, 2006: Message edited by: Leigh Su ]
[ May 03, 2006: Message edited by: Leigh Su ]
I'm done SCJP 1.5. I was studying it last month.
Why 1.5?
1.challenge. Always go for the newest knowledge.
2.Possible to pass. With the big help from your book, sir, it is very much possible to pass the exam.