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Recent posts by Manesh Kumar

Hi All,

There are many openings in my current company.

The company is a product based organization with the pioneer in many web based technologies.

It is currently looking for technically strong in Java/J2EE/J2ME/C/C++/Symbian and web technolgies with atleast two years of experience.

The work location is bangalore.

The work environment is too good and the work is very challenging.

The compensation wont be a constraint.

If you are a smart and innovating thinker, and looking for a change, send your resume to dilipkumar001 at .

I will send you more details once your are shortlisted.

For any information/clarification reach me out at above email address.

15 years ago
You can download free pdf and source code.

Mastering EJB 3.0

What's new with Mastering EJB 3.0:
More than 50% new and revised material
Four new chapters and one new appendix covering the latest features of the new release
Basic and advanced concepts (such as inheritance, relationships, and so on) of Java Persistence API defined entities
Information on integrating EJB applications with the outside world via the Java EE Connector technology
Tips and techniques for designing and deploying EJB for better performance
Best practices for EJB 3.0 application design, development and testing

16 years ago

I tried downloading a pdf and there were no restrictions.

If site allowed you to download, it doesnt mean it is not pirated.

Anyways, sorry for misunderstanding.
16 years ago
It doesnt look like they are free.
I think you need to delete this post. Since piracy is not allowed in Javaranch.
16 years ago
Thanks Abhishek.

Are they involved in new development or in maintenance stuff?
16 years ago
I posted this question previously? but I deleted it for some reason.

Can anybody tell me how is AOL Bangalore?

I would be joining in Channel Search Engine in J2EE. I was offered 5.5L and current CTC is 3.3L. Currently I am in chennai with my parents. Is it worth to relocate in terms of pay, work, hike, growth and culture.

Please provide me some inputs as soon as possible.
[ July 04, 2006: Message edited by: Dilip Kumar Jain ]
16 years ago

1. IDE
2. Version (Source) Control Tool
3. Mailing
4. Messaging

1. Eclipse / JDeveloper
2. CVS
3. Lotus Notes / GMail
4. Lotus Sametime / Google Talk
[ June 20, 2006: Message edited by: Dilip Kumar Jain ]
16 years ago
You can build the jar of class files and then distribute. But it is still possible to decompile it.

Or you can strip of all the code in functions and other private members in all classes. You can then distribute these source files.

I am not aware of any automation tool which can help to strip the code for you. But you can use javap command which can generate the skeleton for each class.
There is a typeof function in Javascript, but it is not very specific.

If you want what is the element type,

this might help you.

However, I have never found any use of it till now.
Not a servlet question.
I think it should be under "OO, Patterns, UML and Refactoring".
How about setting up FTP server in one of the OS. Then try to upload and download files. I think you can setup virtual networking and use FTP.
16 years ago

Originally posted by William Brogden:
For one thing, the HttpSessionBindingListener interface solves a problem related to the handling of user session invalidation. A session can become invalidated by:
1. The action of your servlet - when a user logs out
2. The action of the servlet container - at expiration of the timeout
If you have an object that has to do some "cleanup" before it is discarded, have it implement HttpSessionBindingListener.


I think HttpSessionListener for what you meant.

HttpSessionBindingListener is typically used to get notified when a object is set in or removed from session scope using setAttribute or removeAttribute method of HttpSession.

is it not always called back whenver we manipulate the session object?

Did I misunderstand that?
[ June 13, 2006: Message edited by: Dilip Kumar Jain ]
16 years ago
Where, oh where have all the Apache servers gone?

Is Apache server's market share declining?

Does this mean .Net use is steadily growing?
[ June 09, 2006: Message edited by: Dilip Kumar Jain ]
17 years ago
You can try this,

Of course, it should be some file not of HTML content type.
[ June 09, 2006: Message edited by: Dilip Kumar Jain ]