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Recent posts by Sharma Ashutosh

What's extra in this book compared to other Data structures and Algorithms books?
Does it talk about stable algorithm?
Does it talk about modern day algorithm being used at Big tech? Like the algorithm that was discussed during Facebook whistleblower testimony in Washington D.C.?
Thanks in advance.
1 year ago
@Jeanne Boyarsky thanks a lot for your response.

Could you please share with the me link for this bundle?

Also few more questions:
1. Does this bundle going to work for the latest Java certification which is not going to expire in next one year?
2. Is there any new or revised edition coming from your side for this java certification? If yes, please let me know.
Jeanne can you tell me what the book bundle is all about - I think one is the study book and another one is tests. If somebody buys the study guide do they get access to the tests via online?
Based on the information you provided I feel that my son should prepare for "OCP Java 11 Developer certification"/Exam # 1Z0-819
But where are the books to prepare for this?

This seems to be not right for this:

Though they are claiming:
NOTE: After the release of the Developer Complete Study Guide, Oracle completely revamped the Java SE 11 certification by retiring Exams 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816. You're now only required to pass the new Exam 1Z0-819. The Upgrade Exam 1Z0-817 remains the same. Even though the exams have changed, the same topics are covered (but are presented in a different order). You can rest assured, however, that this Certification Kit provides complete coverage of the Java SE 11 certification exam.

There is a practice tests:

Then I went thru this link:

As per this - one can still go for the associate exam. Is there any training required? or in other words Oracle forcing training to make money?
Year 2001 - I completed my Sun Certified Java programmer certification for Java 1.2. No training and directly this certification. Year 2011- Java Enterprise Architect certification ...Then Sun Microsystem was acquired by Oracle.
Fast forward my son is in high school and already got two python certifications. He knows Java script, python and Java.
Can he directly go for OCPJP(programmer certification) or he has to first do the associate level exam?
Is there any training requirement for these certifications now?

Please suggest books also. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for bringing in this book. Table of contents looks good.
How WebFlux is different than Vert.x or similar other frameworks?
Your approach in this book is to make one giant end to end web application or teaching concepts in piecemall way?
2 years ago
I sent all the required details at that email ID but still no books are sent. Please let me know what to do?
2 years ago
Thanks for the nice book. Read about this at:

Few questions:
1. Prerequisite is Algebra? Algebra 1 or what?
2. Is it only about Math or also physics?
3. Is at conceptual or algorithm or coding level? Which language is used for code?
2 years ago
Thanks for writing this book.
Does this book talks about end to end test automation with integration to popular CI/CD tools?
Is it also talking about TDD(Test driven development)?
How about integrating testing Javascript applications in a corporate environment with other existing tools?
Does it is going to cover Spark integration with various other technologies(reading data from data lake, diverse data sets, diverse real time streams, Snowflake and other NoSQL DBs and Apache Kafka)?
Are the code examples correct and working fine OOTB?
First of all thanks for writing this book.
I looked preview at for two topics:
11. But it works on my machine
12. The case against the fat jars

Nice to know some of your points/recommendations.
Do you have something for folks who are using Java since 1997 or so? Current Java syntax is complex and it resembles more of C++ and other functional language. I found that not that easy.
3 years ago
Hi Dane,
Congratulations on your book. How this book helps to write better python code(pro level)? Is this having stuff for data scientists who are working in machine learning/data science?
3 years ago
As some of the folks already mentioned. Don't just target the paper certification but pay special attention towards what you have learnt during that phase. I have done a lot of IT Certifications including both SCJP1.2(Sun Certified Java Programmer) in 2001 and SCJA(Sun certified Java Architect) in 2011. Well they helps - it shows to the prospective employers that one is serious towards the technologies/skill sets and knows at least something if not everything.