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Recent posts by chani singh

Thanks again for all your good wishes..
Hey Ranchers,
Just cleared the exam with 84%..
I was not that active(posting new topics..) on ranch but used to visit this great site everyday..
I'm a fresher and have ZERO exp. on servlets and JSP..
But then theres this amazing book HFSJ (used HF series for SCJP too!!)which always inspires you to go ahead and reach your goal..!!
Thanks a lot writers of HFSJ(Kathy and Bert) you guys really rock!!!

You want to use a bean that is stored in com/enthu/GUI.ser file. Which of following statements correctly defines the tag that accesses the bean?

Select 1 correct option.
a <jsp:useBean id="pref" name="com/enthu/GUI.ser" />

b <jsp:useBean id="pref" name="com.enthu.GUI" />

c <jsp:useBean id="pref" type="com/enthu/GUI.ser" />

d <jsp:useBean id="pref" beanName="com.enthu.GUI" type="com.enthu.GUI"/>

e <jsp:useBean id="pref" class="com.enthu.GUI.ser" />

tha ans is d, why cant it be e..??
You are using a tag library with prefix "generator", which supports a tag named "random". This tag generates a random number and sets it to a variable named "value". Which of the following will output this value in the page?

Select 1 correct option.
a <generator:random>value</generator:random>

b <generator:random><%=value%></generator:random>

c <generator:random><% int value;%> <%=value%></generator:random>
It'll give an exception saying value is not initialized!

d <generator:random><%getParameter("value")%></generator:random>

e None of the above.

hey guys, can uhelp me out wd this Qn..
the ans is b..why???/
Hi Ram,
Congrats !!!
Its a pretty good score..
time to celebrate..
Thanks Marc..
I've edited the profile.
Qn 12 :: I think option A should be checked too, since in the Bullet points at the end of ch. it says, either mechanism( include directive or <jsp:include> ) can include dynamic elements.

Qn 15 :: not getting the explanation at all..why C and F will cause errors..?? what abt D and E??

anybody please explain..
[ April 24, 2006: Message edited by: chani ]
Cograts Felipe ..

gr8 summary ..
Enjoy !!!
Hi shweta,
Answer should be false.
In my book its Q6 and answer is false.
it was workin.. when i checked.
So what u say???
sounds good Santosh !!
hey guys,
Cleared SCJP with 88% a few days back.. Making a study group would be a gr8 idea. This certainly will give us the profound knowledge of a particular topic.
So, when is the auspicious start date???