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Recent posts by Jeffies Shah

Hi All,

I am using Reflection (java 1.4.2) to read an object and display its instance variables and the values they hold. I am facing a problem with reading instance variables of type array. The difficulty is explained below:

if( field.getType().isArray() ) {
Objecy obj = field.getObj();

//The obj can be an array of a primitive or any
//reference type. Now, how will typecast the object in
//a generic way and display the contents of the array obj?

Thanks for your time,
Jaffer J Shah.
13 years ago
Thanks Mark

I understand that: A Web Service by its definition is just one method call, and not anything for a bean to hold state for subsequent requests.

Thanks again !

I came across the below message when learning Enterprise Beans thru' Sun's Tutorials.
"A stateless session bean can implement a web service, but other types of enterprise beans cannot."

Can anyone explain me the reason behind this?
What does a web service implementation have to do with sessions?

This is a Struts related query.
In my web app, I have a folder named XX which has two files, Show.html and Game.swf, with the Show.html having the code to show the swf (Game.swf) file. This folder XX is in no way related to the web app. In a page in the web app, I have to point a link "GAME" to Show.html.
The folder XX exists outside WEB-INF and I coded as:
<a href='/XX/Show.html'>GAME</a>. The code worked well.

But the problem is the URL appeared on the browser bar as http://localhost:8080/XX/Show.html. So, with the idea of securing the URL, I planned to use an action named with the following mapping in the struts-config file:
<action path="/ShowGame"
type="org.apache.struts.actions.ForwardAction" />
and changed the href code to:
<jaf:link action='/ShowGame'>GAME</jaf:link>
This is not working.

Can you please tell me why?
15 years ago
Thanks William and Kalpesh!

Actually, I want to start Tomcat using a script. Before starting tomcat in a port, I want to check whether someother application or someother tomcat itself is running on that port. If some application is running on that port, I can start Tomcat in a different free port.

So, is there a way to dynamically set Tomcat port, before starting it?

Thanks and regards,
15 years ago
Congrats Frederic !!!

Thanks a ton for the amazing notes u have shared.

All the best for ur SCBCD.

Is it possible to set Tomcat port dynamically from a text file or a properties file? If so, how to achieve that?

Thanks and regards,
15 years ago