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Recent posts by supratim chaudhury

just correcting the question above?
how to send an image or image file from server to client???
16 years ago
one can send a text file by reading its contents in a string object,
sending it to a client machine,then using the string to create a text file in the clent.

But can anyone tell that how can one send an image or image file from client to a server
16 years ago
Can anyone plz tell what is client side callback?
Can anyone give some code to illustrate the explanation?
actually,what i have come to know that client acts as the server
and it extends unicastremote...or uses exportobject...
also client class needs to implement another remote interface....
But after that i miss the obvious point...
Where actually does the server invoke a method on the client just as client
explicitly calls a method on remote object of server???
16 years ago
hello everybody,

i have been able to run on dame machine rmi client and server
(javac *.java
rmic ...
but i have been unable to run on two different machines
my friend had the (client.class,stub and interface files and
he typed in
java client my_machine_name/ip address
but it gave rmi.connect exception
i asked my another friend to run client and he received unknown host exception)
can anyone tell me how to do it using two different machines
16 years ago
what are the reasons for this exception and hoe to remove it?
16 years ago
i am absolutely new to RMI
i have been unable to run a single rmi based program
i.e.absolutely small programs
say there is an,,,
what i have to do to run it on windows xp using java 2
i have not been able to understand the tutorials on net
tutorials said about setting classpath and a security policy which i did not understand
Can anyone tell hoe to compile and run rmi progs and what to do with policy file?
16 years ago