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Recent posts by jerry sharma

Hi All Dear friends!

I am a new immigrant to Vancouver(Canada).
i am looking for a java/j2ee job in the surrounding area of vancouver.
i have 4+yrs exp in java/j2ee/Oracle(from a mnc in India)
i have SCJP/OCP DBA certification

Please give me your valuable tips to get a job here as earlier as possible.

with best regards

15 years ago
I think still it will not compare the contents of both the objects and it gives you result as a false.
Hi All dear Friends !

Please help me out to understand

StringBuffer sb= new StringBuffer("Hello");
String s= "Hello";
how if we want to know the contents of s & sb are equal.

hi all!
thanks a lot for suggestions.
Niranjan please can you give me the full url of Martt hall's web site
i am not able to find it.

thanks a lot
with best regards
hi all !

dear friends pl can you suggest me the working envirnment for the prepration of SCWCD exam

i means the what are the following versions to be used

1) JDK
2) Tom cat
3) Which windows platform

i will be thankful to you for this

with best regards
hi friends !
pl tell me is "Manning SCWCD Exam Study Kit" by Hanumant Deshmukkh
is available in India or not

hi pal!

Congrats for a pretty good score.
pl can you tell me that Manning SCWCD Exam Study Kit is available in India or not

Dear All !
Thanks a lot for the compliments
very special thanks to Beart(A skill to teach you w/o teacher Book with teacher)

next is SCWCD

15 years ago
Hi All friends!
i am very thankful to all the members here on the forum for support and help.

i am working on Java Platform since lat 7 months
i cleared SCJP 5 today with 70%. though its low score but i am telling you a bit story . during exam today, i got some stomach problem due to which i was able to attempt only 62 questions.

I read SCJP K B, once only (really a beauty of book)its my lovable technical book
in second run i spent 10 hrs only to read Two minutes drill
i did Master Exam of the book n got 55%(so +20 % i really true)
that was my story of clearing SCJP

with regards

15 years ago
dear friends !
pl explain me the output of this code:

out put is

4 is ok but why 0 is the output
class A21
A21() { print(); }
void print() { System.out.println("A"); }
class v extends A21
int i = Math.round(3.5f);
public static void main(String[] args)
A21 a = new v();
void print() { System.out.println(i); }
Thanks to all friends
for the expalination of Q2 i got it now
Q1 is given as it is, not mentioned inner or something else reg classes

so then what should be select


Hi friends pl help me out to understand the following questions
Which of the follwing is true about static modifier.
A.static can be applied to : instance variables, methods,
code Segments and classes.
B.a static method cannot be overridden.
C.inner classes can be both static & private.
D.a static reference cannot be made through non static
method or code block.
E.abstract & static both can be applied together to a

Answer : B C D
My doubt is
why not A option is true


How many String objects are created when we run the following code.
String s1,s2,s3,s4;
s1 = "Hello";s2 = s1; s3 = s2 + "Pal";s4 = s3;
Hello Mr Paul!
I am using aplpha version of Enthuware which is a great help for me for SCJP preparaion . Pl can you send me the final free version, i will be very thankful to you for this
with best regards

hi try in this way

class mySuperClass
mySuperClass(int i)
class mySubClass extends mySuperClass
mySubClass(int i){
super(i);// needed when u inherit a class
static class myOuterClass// needed to b declared static b'cus it contains static method
public static void main (String args[])
mySuperClass ob = new mySuperClass(3);

first type of declaration is Anonymous Array just like anonymous class

second one is the common way to declare/initilize the array combined