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Vivek Mehra

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Recent posts by Vivek Mehra

Hi ranchers,
I want to use Instance Per Transaction for my ejb module.I have used remote session and local entity beans.I have not defined the jndi-names of the entity beans in jboss.xml.So the problem is how and where do i define the "Instance Per Transaction" for my local entity beans.From what i have seen it is done in jboss.xml in the entity tag BUT my jboss.xml does not require a definition for the local entity beans . Any help on this is appreciated.
15 years ago
Hi ranchers,
I am having a problem in my EJB application.When i run the app the memory size keeps increasing and after a point i see 2 exceptins and application stops responding.I am using mdb's to accept requests and remote session and local entity beans.I am using JBOSS-4.0.2.

1)In the MDB i get "Connection Failed use javax.jms.Connection.setExceptionListner to handle this exception and reconnect".


I have tried closing the context object but the problem persists. Is this a config problem or maybe a programming issue. I am clueless why this memory leak is occuring.

Any help is appreciated ranchers.
Thanks Rajesh and Chris.

Actually the main purpose is to avoid hits to the the database.The current system was developed in C and has memory objects and the system has been in place for a long time now.The feeling they have is that something like "startup objects" which have all values needed for validations could be loaded in memory since the amount of transactions per second is huge.The need to go to the database would slow down the process.

Rajesh,sorry but i didn't quite understand by what you meant by "reverse algo" :

Second thing is that you have said about memory object and Least Recently Uses Algorithm i want to say you just reverse algo Just in time which is uses for information regarding state activation and passivation means container called those object which is just called before.

I am new to EJB and i have a problem with EJB utilized in my project.I have a requirement in my project that as soon as our system i.e our project system starts i need to have certain objects in memory which hold values from database tables and remain in memory till the system is stopped.

My question is are entity beans(CMP or BMP) the answer to this requirement? because from what i see is that after entity beans are looked up and a transaction is done they are removed from memory(not immediately but after passivation it seems according to LRU algorithm by container).The problem is that they don't become memory objects as i don't want them to be removed from memory.

I am confused about this .I hope someone can guide me on this.Thanks in advance.